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Personality test: what you see first reveal if you are more a dreamer or a realist

Do you ever wonder why you make the decisions you make? What you see first can reveal if you are more of a dreamer or a realist. Take this fun test to find out which one you are and gain insight into your behavior. See what your answers can tell you about yourself!


Are you a dreamer or a realist? Discover what your subconscious mind reveals about you with this personality test.

Simply look at the image and determine what you see first.

Depending on your answer, you will get an insight into your personality and learn more about yourself.

Take this fun and interactive test to find out if you are a dreamer or a realist!

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Those who see a tree first may be more dreamers than realists.

Seeing a tree can indicate an imaginative outlook on life, suggesting a person who is creative and imaginative.

This type of person enjoys making up stories and exploring the possibilities of what could be. They are connected to nature and appreciate the beauty of the outdoors.

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Their spirit is often free and they may have an appreciation for art or music.

There is a sense of joy and peace that comes from being amongst trees and these types of individuals enjoy quiet moments in nature.


Those who see a body first may be more realists than dreamers.

This type of person is likely to be analytical and logical with their decision-making. They are well-informed and prefer facts over feelings.

They may be prone to overthinking things, but they stay grounded in reality rather than fantasizing.

They are practical problem solvers who prefer to focus on what is, rather than what could be.

This type of individual values safety, security, and stability.

We hope you had fun taking this test to discover if you are more a dreamer or a realist.

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Remember that the results of the test are for entertainment purposes only and have no scientific value.

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