International trade across borders involves plenty of complex formalities of customs clearance for goods entering or leaving the country. Proper insight into navigation through a myriad of regulations, handling detailed paperwork, management of global logistics, therefore, becomes a prerequisite. Experts who can provide end-to -end solutions in handling the cumbersome processes with each shipment are much needed.

Customs brokers are the trained and licensed professionals who expedite international shipping allowance without a snag. Cargo insurance in India  possess the confidence and expertise to provide uncomplicated and efficient customs clearance solutions

When is a customs broker needed:

Before entering into legal documentation for an international trade association  the services of a highly equipped professional custom broker. Doing so well in time alleviates the hassles of cargo running into trouble because of lack of proper documentation.

 Key responsibility areas of a Customs Broker:

A seasoned custom broker expert is a gatekeeper of local, national, and international commerce and shoulders following responsibilities

  •  Facilitating the preparation of import and export documents in compliance with customs regulations and procedures.
  • Administering a team of professionals under him and providing them with relevant training and input on updations in regulations.
  •  Extending guidance and consultation regarding the prevalent tax rates, import and export restrictions, and other related aspects.
  •  Arranging remittance for taxes, duties, freight, bonds, and other expenditure incurred during the transit.
  • Supervising proper communication between the two parties.
  • Organizing shipments and performing required audits.
  •  Collating relevant commercial data and preparing required reports.
  • And above all, satiating all queries and dispensing with valuable assistance.

An experienced Custom Broker should therefore be endowed with the a sought after skill set

Communication skills:

Since the professional is required to deal with a variety of departments, professionals must have exceptional communication skills.Good communication fosters healthy relations.

Delegation and Time management:

The professionals should be adept at handling the workload with prudence.Optimum utilization of technological solutions and proper delegation of work to the team assists in the effective management of shipments.

Persuasion and Negotiation Skills:

An adroit custom broker has a remarkable ability to convince others into taking appropriate action and the knack to make people reach a mutually satisfactory agreement.

 Problem Solving and Critical Thinking:

The professionals must have thought about the feet’ ability. To not get bogged down by the volume of challenges but to think laterally using data and facts and arrive at desired solutions.

 While choosing a Custom Broker following must be considered.

  • Since a Custom Broker handles a very vast domain, the norms and regulations vary with the country and the nature of the shipment. Therefore choosing the right person for the right task is integral. His technical know-how around the niche of a trader must therefore be properly assessed.
  •  Importing through several ports may require the hiring of multiple Custom Brokers at the respective port. Trying to manage all the shows by hiring one official at the homeport may not suffice. This can lead to serious discrepancy as one agent will have to work with sub-agents at the other ports and lead to loss of control.
  •  Researching about the Customer Broker’s services by way of testimonials, references, smoothes out the task. A satisfied clientele endorses the quality of services.
  • Finally, the charges for the service must also be compared. A trader should look for one who offers a good spectrum of services at competitive prices. Several custom brokers company in India offer end-to-end solutions. Top Customs Brokerage Companies in India include Kerry Logistics, VTL, Easyway Logistics, Maticz technologies. Relevant information can be procured from multiple sources such as Brihanmumbai Custom Brokers Association or a quick search online and final pick can made keeping in mind one’s budget.

Customs brokerage is a key component in logistics and supply chain management and international traders hire services of a customs broker expert to grow global.


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