The customized packaging boxes features that enhance the functionality of a product often represent a meaningful action on the part of the brand. A strategic package design change conveys a sense of enhanced concern or recognition of the consumer’s needs and desires, heightening the brand-partner quality component of the consumer-brand relationship. Increasingly, marketing and brand packaging experts are realizing the potential of packaging function to influence product usage.

Cultural dynamics have contributed to changing consumer perceptions of custom mailer boxes, focusing on commodity and cost to a demand for easy access and readability, easy-fit storability, eco-sensitivity, apparent freshness dating, and portability. Customized packaging boxes that make the product more convenient to use and/ reduce serving time add value to the brand by providing fun and functionality.

Coca-Cola’s recent introduction of the Fridge Pack TM is an excellent example, saving precious refrigerator space and making the storage of soft drinks easier than ever before. Many consumers make a purchase decision based on improved packaging functionality. Enhanced functionality also contributes to the brand identity. The Pringles potato chip product in the user-friendly canister is a classic example of the relationship between improved functionality and brand identity.

The following points reflect enhanced usage capability and convenience through packaging design and uplifted brand identity and image. The wholesale mailer boxes that fail to enhance product use or comfort provide a functional disutility level, negatively impacting the lived experience and damaging the consumer-brand relationship. Often, the consumers attribute a reduction in functionality as a lack of manufacturer concern for the consumer. Read more the UK time.

Triggering Nostalgia through Wholesale Mailer Boxes

In addition to facilitating a shared social understanding of the brand, visual equity provided by nostalgic design elements of the wholesale mailer boxes also signals the memory of the experience consumers has with brands with a place in their family history. These “family brands” typically acquire a depth of meaning during childhood, unattainable by brands later in life. The customized packaging boxes serve as the trigger to the rich associations with the nostalgic brand.

The power of custom mailer boxes as a marketing communication vehicle can be due in significant part to its inherent tangible form. It is a form that the consumer interacts with through the purchase and usage of the product. The tangible form is variant from the intangible nature of most marketing communication vehicles such as advertising, direct marketing, publicity, and sales promotion. This interaction allows the brand to deliver aesthetic benefits and symbolism, and added value via enhanced functionality. These benefits can enhance brand identity, a corresponding enhancement of the self, and the creation and strengthening of the relationship between the consumer and the brand.

The power of a brand resides in the consumers’ minds, i.e., strong, positive, and unique brand associations. For many products, these associations result from product customized packaging boxes that communicate and contribute an intended brand meaning. The packaging boxes can be viewed as a window on the culture, Rosetta stone of values. The packaging serves as the tangible embodiment of a product symbol, playing a significant role in strengthening or weakening the emotional bond between consumer and brand.

The ability of custom packaging boxes to arouse emotions is just as important as its functional capability to store and protect its contents. Packaging can provide shape and tangible form to both the product and buyer’s image. It can also serve as an expression of brand personality. In addition, packaging design impacts customer-based brand knowledge by heightening the recall and recognition of a brand. Visual equity can result from continuity and uniqueness in design, adding to brand awareness and differentiating the brand.


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