The very idea of luxury homes is that they are costly, with looks out of this world, and have acres and acres of space. This is not entirely wrong but not the exact definition that you would like to know. Certain aspects like the layout of the particular house or apartment make it worth looking at. Of course, the value of a luxury home is always determined by where it is situated and the prevailing market price at that time. But I would like to offer you some detail in this concern. 

If you ask an architect about what he likes so much about designing luxury homes or the challenges they face, one of the most common replies would berelated to the layout and theme. These two aspects are distinctive and make a place unique and like all the others. But not many people look into these aspects and always go for a grand look and the price tag.

In this blog, let me shed some light on the layout and theme of a luxury place to live, even if it is a huge mansion, luxury penthouses, or condos.

A Unique Layout to Start the Proceedings 

The layout can be termed as one of the most important aspects in designing and building or even a small place to live. Literally, it is anything that is set up in a particular way. If you think that the layout of all the buildings is virtually the same, then you probably don’t know the architecture and design in its essence. The layout of a place can be termed as its base, just like the house’s foundation. If it can create and has a solid basis, only then can you think of a place that will pass the test of time. 

Take the example of a hotel where you need a good designer special on the outside, so that I think positively about the exterior of the hotel. Certain aspects can make for a good exterior, and layout is one of them. The layout must gel well with the theme, more on that later in the blog. 

You must have seen a place which is not very huge in the covered area but looks grand. And some places don’t look grand one bit even if they have virtually acres of space. This is all based on how you will use the layout wisely, and the architect’s role is of paramount importance. And then, the interior designer can also make the place look elegant to suit the exterior. 

Now, let’s focus our attention on the theme for complementing the layout and also as a standalone feature of any building. 

A Scintillating Theme to Add the Magic

Theme related to the architecture of a house that can make a difference to the proceedings. In many cases, in conjunction with the layout, is that it can make things easier for the architect to envisage a design. It is also one of the main attractions for the buyer of any real estate property. Both the theme and layout are all about making a building or property look alluring so that the prospective buyers are buoyant. And the people residing in it can have a great feel and satisfaction living in such a place. 

Ever wondered how the theme can make a difference in making you go for a property or real estate right on the first lookout? Or can it mesmerize you eternally? Let’s delve deep into this aspect for your better understanding of this topic. The following example will give you a good idea of this concern. 

How can a Theme do Wonders for Type of Property?

A hotel or resort’s theme is easy to plan rather than for a small place like an apartment and condo complex. The grand outlook of a place makes it easy to envision a theme that suits the palace perfectly. A prime example is the Atlantis hotel in Dubai, which is themed on the mythical, The Lost City of Atlantis. It is one of the most beautiful and iconic structures in Dubai, apart from Burj Khalifa and Burj Dubai, and of the city’s outstanding attractions.

Over to you

If you think you can add something of interest here, you are welcome. For any feedback or questions, please use the comments sensation below. 


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