What is digital marketing?

It would not be a lie to say that we are living in an extremely tech-savvy world. A close-knit web of information surrounds us, and it keeps getting more intricate day by day. The previous generations saw the dawn of the internet, the millennials lived it, and now the present spawning is ruling it. Saying that we thrive on the internet would be a trivial claim as we most practically dwell on it. We interact, make social connections and above all, create a unique virtual impression every day. We share more about us each day and aim that more people should like us. This very process is the heart and soul of digital marketing.

Digital marketing enables brands to use the internet and online-based services to promote products and services.

How can it give your business a direction?

“People revolve around money while money revolves around the market.”

Having a successful marketing technique is an essential part of developing a business. Expanding an industry becomes easy if we have a strong and established online image. So it becomes necessary for a business, to create a presence in the market. Digital marketing empowers a business. It introduces an enterprise to the marketplace and helps to create an online presence. Furthermore, Digital Marketing uses strategies that help to know and interact with their relevant audience. It enables an organisation to inform the consumers about their services, build a rapport and make an impact over them.  

What are the aspects that make a digital marketing business worthwhile?


Researches claim that most consumers prefer services from brands that appeal to them on an emotional level. More than the audience who wants to hear about quality, we want to have something that we can relate to. So marketing practices must offer more than just advertising. Invoking emotions in the costumers is an effective way to build trust. Many big brands like Google and Apple have resorted to and benefited a lot from this tactic. Apple has built its rapport by invoking a positive emotional response among the consumers. It has inspired people to become a part of the worldwide lifestyle movement. Apple sparked a conversation so everyone could be a part of it. It got people talking, and that’s how the movement spread. This whole scenario reinforced that fact that building a bridge between consumer and business is the best way to increase brand credibility.


Being the digital natives we are, there is plenty of information we come across each day. And there is no denying the fact that our generation, in general, has a fleeting attention span. That is why a brand must have a unique and creative idea of the pitch. A pitch that is real and easy to absorb will have more people attracted to it. A good advertisement would be something that could fill the gap of information or introduce the audience to a new concept. A brand must be able to convince people as to why they need a particular service or product to have influence. An out of the box strategy that can lead people to a journey, tell a story or inspire them to tell one is a key to advertising.


We are a generation of woke people. As much as we are attracted to the brands with a high emotional quotient, we are aware of the logical aspect too. Thus saying that we want our fair share of choices would be smart. It is a fact that a brand which gives its consumers freedom of choice is likely to expand early. But remember that there should be a limited range of options so that it does not overwhelm the customer.

DigiExcel offers not services but solutions. We operate with the belief that every business is unique and requires a different marketing strategy. Thus, we understand the requirements of each enterprise we work with. We have a team of professionals who constantly strive to elevate the marketing game. We not just prepare distinctive action plans for different businesses but seek constant feedbacks too. We have experts who diligently work at removing any inadequacies. It is our work and records that make us stand apart from other marketing agencies. We strive for an out of the box approach to promote businesses. Whether it is CPC, CPS, CPV, CPI or anything else, we strongly believe in delivering the best results even within tight deadlines. 

Gitesh Chawla, Founder 

A graduate from Kurukshetra University in 2005, Gitesh Chawla began his career as a digital marketer. After leading digital marketing for multiple brands like Magicbricks, HomeShop18, Naaptol.com, SquareYards and many others, he established DigiExcel in 2014. Ever since then, he has been serving buyers in different sectors including e-commerce, real estate, education, travel, BFSI, automobile, FMCG and many more.

Gitesh brings with him a rich experience of digital marketing and blogging. With a positive outlook towards all situations, he aims at going an extra mile, to deliver the best results. He is far-sighted and believes in taking advantage of digital media. He believes in the power of accommodating the right marketing strategies to expand a business and achieve a proposed digital goal.

He leads the DigiExcel head office in JMD megapolis, Sohna Road, Gurgaon and caters to buyers from all across the world. For the latest updates and advice on digital marketing, follow DigiExcel on social media.


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