Social media – Whenever we hear the word, we often think of communicating with family and friends, and enjoying the exclusive visual content. But, have you ever thought that this technology can help you in mobile app marketing?

From Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, all the social networking platforms are offering exclusive opportunities, power, and audience to the business world. These sites are proving to be the key element in the business world; assisting them in promoting their products/services.

Have any doubt? Look into the following stats to know how Social media can add value to your app promotion strategy:

93% of marketers use Facebook ads, which counts to around 3 million businessmen.

91% of Facebook ad revenue was recorded in Q1 of 2018 itself, which implies a higher scope of getting profits from the platform.

Total engagement on Twitter ads increased by 69% since 2017, proving Twitter is also a great platform for advertisement.

The total number of influencer marketing posts on Instagram has been 2x since 2017, indicating the dire need to create a business account on Instagram.

Now, as you have gone through these stats, it is likely that you have been amazed by the potential of Social media marketing. So, are you ready to invest in this technology? Want to know how can you employ Social Media platforms to drive higher app downloads and make your mobile app development process successful? If so, take out your notebook and pen and start noting down the following pointers:

Pay Attention to Content

Pleading users to download your mobile app is boring and nonsensical. So, avoid that lame practice. Get familiar with the platform chosen and discover innovative ways to promote your app.

For example, If you have developed a Meditation app, share crispy, concise, and fresh content regarding stress and how meditation can help. Tell people how can they use your app to meditate within the office hours, and so on.

With such content, you can generate a need for your mobile app among the user base, which will ultimately result in higher app sales. So, look forward to this practice.

Add Catchy Visuals

We all know that pictures speak louder than words. So, it’s time to implement the same. Bring your designers and content curators on board and create digestible, engaging visual content. Prepare relevant and useful images, videos, ‘behind the scene’ clips, and infographics and share them on social networking sites. This will compel the users to spend more time on your portals and click on the download link.

Get an Influencer

There’s no exaggeration to the fact that we all go with a reference. So, look for someone who refers your app to others. Determine which active user has the maximum number of followers and approach them with an irresistible offer. Ask them to promote your mobile app and this way, bring higher traffic to your app page. If not found any, you can yourself become a social media mobile app influencer with these 8 steps.

Share at the Right Time and Platform

Last but not the least, don’t just share content on social media platforms subconsciously. Every platform has its different purpose, audience, and ROI scope. So, pay attention to this so as to enjoy the better perks of mobile app development. Research well and plan the right social media marketing strategy. Otherwise, you might end up ruining your brand image or wasting your resources in return for nothing.

Likewise, consider the best time to make your content available to the target audience and act accordingly.

Though there’s a lot more to using Social media for mobile app marketing, the aforementioned points are the most effective to pick. Have you tried any of these points? Do you have anything to add? Share your experience via comment section.


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