Influencer marketing has become increasing day by day in the marketing sector and according to the marketers, influencer marketing is an effective way to actively engage users with your applications. But without deep understanding and meticulousness measures regarding your target audience, you were unable to influence your product feature over specific population.   The business world is an unstable marketplace where inaccurate data collection finger crossing has become the custom of our society.  In the following discussion, different approaches to influencer marketing will be discuss become it become the vital part for the growth and success of the application.

Knowing your audience

one of the biggest mistakes that every business or marketer experience is lack of knowledge related to their target audience while executing influencer marketing campaign if you do not understand or clearly identify target audience now for your future app then do not sign the app project with influencers.

if your business is created baseless prediction or estimation about your influencer channel that which channel is appropriate for your app then you definitely lost somewhere in between different platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. For creating the influencer marketing it is very important to understand your target audience. Also, remember it completely depends on the size of the marketing team and properly located budget for Research and Development of your product.

So it is very important to spend more time during app beta stage so that you can effectively digging out the targeted audience that actively engage with your product.

Connecting influencer data with your data

If you identify your product audience then you will do half of the job and now it’s time to know the audience of your targeted channel. The truth is that checking the total number of the subscriber and the total number of view to becoming an effective way to judge the things. These things do not guide very much and sometimes harmful for the business because in these things fraud is becoming increase day by day especially on YouTube. The most important thing to execute the influencer marketing is understanding how you engaged channel audience and how to receptive your audience to sponsored your content.

any influencer marketer value or measure the average engagement ratio like the average ratio of video likes/comments/shares as compare to the overall view of the channel. there are different variables are include but according to the high-level guide if 5% engagement rate is achieved through the video like and views ratio in the YouTube channel then it is a good starting to the engaged audience.

When you were hooked engagement among target audience it’s time to dig in order to get the better understanding of your targeted channel audience.  The creator of every channel has effectively organized information related to their targeted audience like age, gender, location, consumption time of video and viewing device. When your target influencers are ready to confidentially share this information, cross-reference this data with your findings of product audience. If there is a strong match found then it’s wonderful.

Going live — the nitty-gritty details to look out for

Before the video of your product is go live you need to check the download roll of your product. There are a few things that directly impact on the performance. It has the positive impact as well as negative impact, so what you need to do to get the positive impact are:

  • Thumbnail (YouTube): it greatly impacts on the growth rate of the app this influence on the total number of people who click. According to your market research, you find that your target audience like the certain theme the way app or certain game is presented then it is important to work on app according to the need of influencers.
  • Video title: remember your target influencer view the title of the video before clicking to execute the video. This is an approach to narrow down your work in simple form for the better understanding of your product or app. title is the way to present your app or video among the viewers.
  • Description: it is the main responsibility to check and correct your content before you launch your video or app.

Trust Influencers with Content Creation

In influencer marketing, you have a chance to create new content for your influencers or guide influencer to design such type of content that you need. Content creation is an effective way for influencer marketing where you can actively engage or target your audience and then spread your message. Here you need to understand the type of your targeted audience if you want to reach toward your audience through influencer content. In the content must set the particular guideline.

Strategically select your social media channels.

The choice of the social media platform completely depends upon your business or marketing objectives. Different social media platforms are utilized to achieve the different audience. It is important in the influencer marketing to strategically identify the influencer channel according to the goals and level of engagement you required to achieve. Social media channels offer a variety of engagement possibilities that increase the growth rate of app. also remember marketing campaign are same but the effect on each platform is different.

Find a credible influencer to be your ambassador.

the influencer of your brand and app is like a brand ambassador that will speak or deliver the overall picture of your brand or app. so when you work with someone who is the influencer of your app then it is important to ask yourself that is this person is best suitable for your company or not. When you executing influencer marketing you should do a detail research analysis of your influencer. Some of the ideas for hiring the potential influencer include:

  • observe their all social media profiles and checking their past experience
  • check their reputation in the market
  • check their past project effectiveness
  • Assure that they have to impress personality, polite and have experienced.


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