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Have another look at the title. Did you get the connection? It is the most debated topic today in business circles. Every businessman knows the importance of Content Marketing. Period. Digital Marketing has taken the advertising world by storm. And content marketing is very well known as the lifeblood in B2C and B2B business circles. Agreed, there are different types of content marketing. A mere sentence, written in the right context, and advertised at the appropriate time can work wonders for the product. Content is an important part of digital marketing techniques. It spans many avenues, ranging from email marketing to websites and social media. So let us go to the basics.

Content Marketing

In a business sense, it means writing. An excellent piece of the paragraph can take time. It is hard to believe, but it is true. The next sentence. Not everyone in this world can become a writer. No, even the billionaires. You can get a billionaire to give a million-dollar idea, but ask him to put it in words, he can fumble. The main reason is, good writers, ask for money. Even the top search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing get smarter every quarter of the year. They design new algorithms that can weed out unnecessary content. There is black hat SEO which stuffs meaningless keywords in articles to make the website come out on top. So, a real content marketer should have tricks up his sleeve to write worthy content.

CEOs of international content marketing organizations agree the lines have begun to blur between B2C and B2B content. Here is the alarming fact. Many of the viral contents have grammatical errors and out-of-the-box concepts. In fact, companies compete with one another for clicks, and the main focus is to make the reader stay on the website. In fact, all over the globe, there is a decline in attention spans from the reader. So, many of the B2B and B2C businesses follow the same rules in the blueprint. But the fact is, the trick has worked for both businesses. The recent update for an article – a title to attract the readers, the first paragraph contains a bit of content the reader wants, then the basic information, and before the end a sales pitch. Not to mention the surprising fact – the entire article comes to not more than twenty sentences.

To Build Quality Traffic – You Need To Post Useful, Engaging Content In Website

There are many content writers all over the globe. But do they fill the criteria for a specific content marketing position? You bet.  Many can write for all businesses. So, they stick to one business sector like home improvement or sales. In the end, it is the result that matters. Leads and conversions. So, there are two types of content on the internet. One type, written to give the website or blog seem existent in the form of new content. The second type is the content written with a passion to share information in an interesting way. The focus is to keep the reader engaged with the website. The best way to build traffic is to write content that makes the audience give a little of their valuable time. IF you write the content in a funny way, and in the form of stories, the better.

In the next five years, the biggest challenge for the business content marketing team will be to make their content stand out on the internet or in the subscriber’s inbox. Now, the question arises, can a firm deliver the quality content as per the requisites of the situation and the client? Please note, marketing content takes time. But technology and business events happen every second. So, the content written, should focus on relevant points, be contextual, and should meet the revenue targets. Is it possible?

So, Is Artificial Intelligence The Answer?

As a human, and being the dominant living race in the Universe, I can never get over the fact, a machine has more intelligence than the human brain. Yes, Artificial Intelligence is still in its initial path.  And news items on this evolution machine are not favorable. There are, no doubt, reports of cringe-worthy content by AI machines. And we jump into the bandwagon, pat our backs and say the human mind is irreplaceable. Hold on! Buddy for a second.

Please note, AI is a machine. And it can work according to data and parameters. If the operator gives the right data with excellent parameters, you can get exciting results. All said and done – even for the best machine – you need to have immense confidence to get the content written by a machine. According to AI manufacturing companies, the common questions or doubts they get from businesses who want to invest in these tools are –

  1. Do you feel I should invest in a AI machine? I have a team who manages the content.
  2. What is the proof, the idea will work? What can the AI do to our company brand?
  3. What will be the expense? Can I know details about the ROI for the previous year?

A humble request to read the questions again. All the questions are worthy. But there is also another fact, that you consider writing is only a human skill. But, with the recent spate of technology, technology has moved on. AI can help make things easier in a wide variety of businesses. So, will we move further to the connection of AI with content marketing?

Can AI written content prove to a game changer?

AI for preparation of Synonyms and Content Changes

So, do you know what was AI-first used for, in content marketing? The business world found AI can curate the best content from various sources. Now, it has branched to another version. At present, AI can reproduce content by breaking long sentences to several short formats. Or else, it can change the entire world to another article by making use of synonyms.

AI for Product Launches

Imagine a popular multinational company launching a new product all over the world. You need to do various advertising strategies before the due date. There have to be Facebook posters, and content to get posted on various social media platforms. So, where will the bulk work get completed? You can make use of the Alibaba AI content tool in a similar situation. This machine can generate nearly 20000 lines of content per minute. In China, and all over the globe, small and medium scale businesses use this machine to produce an attractive e-commerce copy. Imagine the tedious task – one product – released all over the globe. How many languages? Versions and spelling mistakes in the content. Possible by a human – Nope. It is a pain the wrong place for online content marketing teams. But come to AI, it can handle these tasks easily in an efficient manner.

Let us imagine a situation. You are the owner of a popular mobile brand (XXY) and have offices all over the globe. Your head office is in Bangalore. Now, you are releasing the new version of the mobile XXY. Other than the version, you also need to educate the public on common issues. You also need to give information on service centers of mobile repair in Bangalore and the globe. You can bank on AI to generate worthy content for your team in a short duration.

AI also has another advantage. It does not think like humans. Not it does have to rely on gut instincts. Sometimes, even the best writer can fail to come up to expectations because of more work. But AI scores in this regard.

AI for Return on Investment

Content writing for a blog is different from writing for marketing products and services. In the latter, the focus is on conversions. So, it is the goal. Marketing experts know the right phrases and words to generate leads. If they put the right data in an AI tool, it may help generate the best of content. So, the tool-generated content is better 98 percent of the time than human written content. Yes, Alibaba’s AI tool is making a huge noise, but still, it needs to get accepted to the mainstream.

AI to drive Product Specific Content

So, if given the parameters, a marketing person can take an existing article, mix it with the recent updates. Then he can ask the AI machine to give content worthy to get engagement. So, every article will have a unique brand experience. So, let us get this straight. AI can definitely become a competitive advantage for small and medium-scale businesses.

AI For Content Analytics

The entire world has become digital. Even in marketing, it is analysis tools that make the mark. So, when AI comes to the forefront, you get content based on previous data and parameters. In the future, you can predict with precision,  the performance of a campaign and variables in customer behavior.


As per marketing experts, the present condition of AI is just the tip of the iceberg. In the future, AI will become the spinning content tool to drive social media channels. And, we forgot to include the means of communication. In the future, AI can help create content for AR/Voice/VR so that these tools can help in the distribution of content.

Have you read the article? Have we missed a valuable point? If you feel so, feel free to put a comment in the Reviews section.


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