7 Proven Ways on How to Build Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness

When it comes to branding, there are two crucial terms that you need to get familiar with – brand recognition and brand awareness. Rather than being two conflicting terms, these two notions merely represent separate stages in one’s branding campaign. You see, brand recognition is merely the ability of your target audience to recognize your brand, while brand awareness requires a higher degree of familiarity. At this stage, they’re supposed to know a thing or two about your business, which is not that easy to achieve. Either way, here are tops seven proven ways on how to build brand awareness.

1. Make an investment

The first thing you need to do when trying to build up brand awareness is to set up a marketing budget. For those who are looking for any guideline on how to start out, the rule of thumb is that you should set aside about 10 percent of your average annual revenue for this purpose. Still, this mostly depends on the competitiveness in your industry. For some businesses, the objective is closer to 20 or even 50 percent of the average annual revenue. This is commonly the case with online businesses, seeing as how the overhead is low and competition quite high, which makes this scenario possible.

2. Content marketing

Another thing you need to consider is your content marketing. Here, you have two objectives to focus on. First, you need to satisfy the quality criterion when it comes to the writing/editing of your content. Second, you need to think about the quantity of content that you need to produce at the very start. Why is the quantity so important? Well, without previous articles, your audience will quickly lose interest in your brand, seeing as how there’s no follow-up content to check out. Also, you need additional content in order to create some internal links (which are the backbone of your SEO strategy).

3. Go for different formats

One more thing worth considering when it comes to your content marketing is the importance of combining different formats. Text-based posts can be great for your business – however, you also need some infographics, videos, graphs, 3D animations, 2D animations and more. The richer your format variety is, the more efficient your brand awareness-enhancement project will be. Looking for some outside help in the form of outsourcing parts of your digital marketing is also a good idea. Contacting experts like Infostarters to handle your epublishing can yield a substantial ROI.

4. Practice consistency

Building a relationship takes time and it might take a while for your audience to understand what your brand is all about. For instance, during your content marketing campaign, you need to make sure that you stay consistent with the voice, tone and values throughout all of your posts. While your business may be an inanimate entity, your goal should still be to humanize it for the sake of your audience. This way, you can create and nurture the aura of familiarity around it. The same goes for the visual features of your brand. Sure, your logo may evolve over the course of time, but it still needs to remain familiar and recognizable.

5. Enhance your social media presence

Previously we’ve talked about practicing consistency in your content marketing, well, you need to do so with your social media persona, as well. Remember, your brand needs to have human-like features and one of the ways for a brand to do so is to start speaking the language of social media – memes. Even some of the world’s greatest brands like Gucci, Tinder or Wendy’s are crushing it when it comes to this field. Learning from their example can bring you closer to your target audience than ever before.

6. Start a loyalty program

Another thing you can do is give your audience a reason to get to know you. How do you do this? Well, you simply need to start a loyalty program. This way, you encourage people to learn about you on their own. Moreover, you give them a reason to come back over and over again, which, in turn, yields an increase in brand awareness every single time. One last perk of this method is the fact that it increases the generation rate of brand ambassadors. 

7. Offer a free trial

One of the things that prevent your audience from getting familiar with your services or platform is the fact that they first have to become a paying customer in order to see how it works for themselves. Fortunately, by offering a free trial, you can allow your audience to sample your services/products in order to overcome this obstacle. Nothing will bring people quicker on board than some first-hand experience and this is what a free trial is all about. Even for those who don’t prolong their license/go premium right away, brand awareness will be raised.


The very last thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that you can’t just skip to raising brand awareness without improving your brand recognition numbers first. This is just one of the ways in which understanding a customer lifecycle can help you form your brand awareness building strategy. Take it easy, practice consistency and try to make an impression on your target audience.

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