We all know that there is a phenomenon wherein colours affect our behaviour and mood. The psychology of colour tells us that certain colours could make us feel certain emotions. This is the reason why there are certain colours that are best used in bedroom walls, colours that would make us calm and relaxed after a day’s work.

With this in mind, we also have to consider the colour and design of our bed’s fitted sheet because it is also a determining factor whether you would have a good night’s sleep or not.

Which colour of fitted sheet should you purchase?

Since there are colours that make us calmer, keep this in mind when you are buying your bed’s fitted sheet. Just by looking at your bed with a green or blue sheet, you’d feel relaxed compared to a more stimulating colour.

You could also go for more neutral colours such as ivory, white and or beige, especially if your bedroom walls and bedroom furniture are already in vibrant colours to sort of balance all the colours in your bedroom. Although you have to be careful around them since these colours would easily stain your double bed sheet you would have to change and wash them frequently as opposed to dark coloured sheets.

double bed sheet
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Should you match your pillows, fitted sheet and blanket?

There are fitted sheets that come with free pillow cases, making it easier to match all your linens. If it does not come with a pillow case, you could buy them separately. When it comes to the question should you match your pillows and blanket to your fitted sheet, the answer depends on your preference.

Of course, it would be easier for everything to match and you would not have to think whether the colours or the design are clashing. But if you prefer your bed linens to be eclectic, that is still up to you. You just need to make sure that what you choose as your pillow cases, sheet and blanket would not make you too excited to go to sleep. Choose colours and designs that would provide a soothing environment and make it easier for you to settle for a night’s rest.

Should you consider the weather as well?

The answer is a resounding yes. When the weather is hot, you should choose a fitted sheet or all of your bed linens that is soft, breathable and neutral colours to not absorb any of the sun’s rays that are beaming inside your bedroom. If it is the winter, choose darker coloured bed linens. Opt for thicker blankets to combat the night chill. Once your bed linens are “weather appropriate” it would be easier for you to sleep since you are comfortable all through the night.

There is no 100% guarantee that your bed’s fitted sheet would make you sleep better, although it is also a factor. There is no right answer also into choosing the best fitted sheet for your bed and following the tips and tricks mentioned here would not warrant that you would not make a mistake when choosing one. It would still be depending on your preference and a bit of trial and error.


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