Cheer Up your parents during Lockdown

Our childhood memories are always special and cherished. It is only because our parents have made it so beautiful. They have put the best of their efforts to make it comfortable and joyful. As parents, they deserve everything that can make them smile. This pandemic can be a testing time for them. Social distancing, rising cases of COVID-19 positive patients, and overall a gloomy environment can make them feel anxious. But as their children, we should make sure they don’t get depressed. It is our duty to cheer them up so that they can cop-up with the situations.

Smile, Hug and Talk:

Talking with our parents and sharing our emotions with them will not only make them feel special but also it will uplift our life state during this gloomy situation. It doesn’t need to be expensive or effortful ways to make our loved ones happy. Sometime a simple gesture of talking or asking “how are you” with a smile can also make them feel great. Relationships are very precious and they should be taken care of by means of exchanging emotions, sharing thoughts, and conveying good wishes. A hug has magical healing ability. Give a smile to them and hug them to let your anxieties go away. This way, they will feel much more relived to have you by their side.

A call to ask about health

To make a call doesn’t take much. But it will add a lot of benefits to our relationship in a positive way. In this lockdown, you can revive your old bonding and you never know you will experience amazing feeling after talking to them. It is also a very good habit to regularly call your parents or grandparents, and kids in your family these days as this pandemic is the toughest time for them. Giving a call is a way to express that no matter what, none of us is alone. Don’t let your parents feel lonely even if you are not with them during these days. Let them believe that you are just a call away. Give a call regularly, talk with them and let them express what they feel.

Video conference call with parents and family members

A family or friends video conference can be a lot more fun! Add your parents, grandparents and also the ones who are silent members of your group, add the little ones in the family, the elderly of your home, and start talking about something interesting to deviate yourself and their mind from the negativity. You all can feel so much connected to everyone this way.

Send Online gifts on special days

A gift can speak a lot of words. It can also encourage the recipients and make them feel hopeful. Special days like anniversary, engagement or a housewarming, where you can’t join in your family or friends, send online gifts to make it up to them. Even if you are far away from your family, but missing them, then send a gift and let them know that you are thinking of them. Laughing Budhha, indoor plants, show pieces, photo frames, grooming kits, gadgets, or anything you want to buy for the one close to your heart, just do it with online gift retailers.

Surprise with Online cakes and flowers on special days

If you can’t be a part of your Mom’s birthday celebration, be the one to send her the birthday cake. Even you can send flowers along with cake in midnight, to anywhere in the city or outside your city, anywhere in the country. Not only birthday or anniversary, but also send flowers to say “Thinking of you”, “Miss You”, “I Love You” or “Get Well Soon”. An early morning flower gift can brighten up your parents’ day. With MyFlowerApp.Com, you can send magnificent flower arrangements and delicious birthday cake through safe and contactless delivery.

Share some memories through video and photo collage

Make a video or a photo collage with some beautiful memories you had in the past years with them and send it in your family or friends groups. You can certainly make your parents believe that you are thinking of them. This is a great way to bring a smile on their face.

Help your Mom in household chores

Does your mom work day and night and never complains? Or does she complain but you never helped her sufficiently? If you have ever felt that you could have helped your mother a little bit more, then it is the time! Prepare today’s lunch or help with laundry. Do some work with her in the lockdown times so that you both will have a wonderful time together and she will feel a little less burdened.

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