In simple words, naturalization is a method through which any foreign-born person can obtain a citizenship in the US. Once you are granted the citizenship you get all the rights of a native resident, like the right to vote, you can apply for resident status, apply to government jobs as well, plus you get the freedom to travel across the world with an American passport. You will no longer require any VISA. The naturalization attorney can help you in achieving all of this and get you the permit. Here, we will talk about everything that you need to know about the naturalization process.

Eligibility criteria to obtain a U.S citizenship or naturalization

•    Applicant has been a legitimate lasting occupant for a long time (or three years for life partners of United States Citizens).

•    An applicant is 18 years of age or more.

•    An applicant is of good character.

•    An applicant can talk, read, and compose in English.

•    An applicant must breeze through a test on U.S. history and government

•    An applicant must have been physically present in the U.S. for half of the mandatory time-frame.

•    An applicant has kept up legitimate lawful permanent residency constantly.

•    An applicant swears to be faithfulness to the U.S. by taking a pledge of faithfulness

Duration of the Naturalization in the U.S

Unless and until you withdraw your citizenship your American Citizenship remains intact and doesn’t expire. You will have to withdraw it yourself to cancel it.


Once given the permit the naturalization in the U.S won’t require any renewal. Your naturalization attorney will give you all the details regarding this.

Benefits to the family

After your attorney helps you getting the naturalization of the U.S some members of the family may become eligible for citizenship faster, like the minor children if any. While other members may receive a green card sooner and the waiting period is also shorter.

Important documents that are needed to attain U.S Naturalization

When you hire a naturalization attorney, your process of U.S Naturalization becomes easier. Following are some of the important documents that will be required.

•    First things first, your birth certificate.

•    A copy of the legal permanent residency proof

•    Marriage certificate for those who are applying for the citizenship due to marriage in the U.S

•    You will have to provide employment proof of the last five years

•    If you have made any trips in between these five years, then a list of those trips has to be submitted too.

•    Two passport size photographs. Make sure that the background is white.

The process of U.S. Naturalization

Stage 1: Visit your Immigration Service Center and fill the form N-400 with all the required details and pay the fees.

Stage 2: After the application is completely filled and submitted, you will then receive a notification for fingerprints verification appointment.

Never miss any meetings or interviews that will be scheduled for you.

An immigration officer will then conduct an interview for the citizenship. The interviewer will test your knowledge about the U.S. Government, politics, he will also judge your English proficiency.

Once you clear the interview, the interviewer will process your application for a swearing ceremony.

Stage 3: In the third stage and the last you will be given a set of questions which you will have to submit without any fail during the swearing ceremony. This is to ensure that the applicant has good moral character and has been a law abiding citizen throughout his journey and is capable for being a citizen of the U.S. Once you complete the form and answer all the questions asked you will then be taken for the swearing ceremony. After that you will have to turn in your Legal Permanent Residency Document to them.

Once everything is done without any fail, then you will be given the status of U.S citizenship. The entire process can be made a lot easier if you hire a naturalization attorney though.

So, these are the important things that you need to follow before applying for naturalization in the U.S. Hiring a naturalization attorney will make your process of applying for citizenship even easier because you may forget some of the documents but your attorney won’t. Their years of expertise make them an expert in this field. Contact Alami Law today to know more about the naturalization process.


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