Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere. It can’t be predicted unless otherwise it was planned. Whether it is intentional or unintentional, you ought to know what can you do in case of accidents. A matter of fact, there are situations where such accidents can be escalated to tort cases, but not all will lead to liability. That is why it is crucial that at least you know what kinds of tort law cases you can consult with your lawyer about the damage it cause you. Here are some of the most common cases.

Vehicular Accidents

The AusRAP report had identified the top ten high-risk highway sections, where Victoria and ACT were excluded. The state/ territories mentioned in the report have some vehicular accidents recorded, which continuously increases as the year pass. Car accidents can be due to the driver’s reckless behavior, or car error. If by any chance you or a relative got into a vehicular accident, the best people to contact about legal matters are personal injury lawyers.

Medical Negligence

It happened when a healthcare professional failed to conduct the necessary medical practice to patients, primarily if it resulted to more severe injury. Although it is one of the most complex types of tort law, such cases should not be ignored mainly if life and death depend on it. Certain medical practices went wrong, which you can file for damage are an error in administering anesthesia to the patient, childbirth mistakes, misdiagnosis, medical care negligence, etc.

Defamation Of Character

Defamation cases pertain to libel and slander. It is a tort case wherein a person can incur harm to his/her reputation from untrue statements given by another party. What is needed to make this case acceptable in the court is that the person being targetted should be able to prove that there are untrue statements made which resulted in actual harm including financial loss?

Dog Bites

Dog bites are included in tort cases wherein the owner of the dog is held liable for paying any injury that the victim experience from the dog. Although it varies from state to state, the dog owner is still financially responsible for dog bite injuries even if the dog did not show propensities to bite.

Assault and Battery

Compared to any tort cases that are usually based on accidents that can be due to carelessness, the assault and battery cases are done with the intention to harm. For instance, when a person attacks the victim who has resulted in greater physical injuries, the victim can file tort cases against the offender. For this situation, the victim can demand compensation from the perpetrator.

Slip and Fall Cases

Slip and fall cases happen when there’s negligence in the legal duty of property owners, for instance, when a customer fell from the stairs that were left unrepaired resulting in physical injury. However, compared to compensations that can be demanded from other physical injuries, you can only recover less because the victim bears partial responsibility in the accident that occurred.

These are some of the common tort cases you should know to identify what are your legal rights in case of accidents.


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