Science defines humans as a social animal that are working and living in groups to sustain their lives. In society, people coordinate with each other to attain a common purpose. Every individual in a civilization needs to respect each other’s right to keep the flow and strength of these goals well maintained.

However, faults or loop in society may lead the other individuals to suffer. This is why it’s crucial for each individual to take their responsibilities seriously. 

To ensure people are reliable toward their responsibility, rule and regulations are implemented on the society in the form of enforced laws. 

Premises Liability Attorney is one such law enforcement. It ensures the people owning certain possessions maintain their place and keeping the security of public in mind so, it does not hurt any individual.

One can’t completely expel the accident or injuries from the society but, its frequency can be controlled and minimized by paying attention to causes leading to it.

Hence, in every state of the USA, people are obliged to make their premises safe and healthy for people walking the place.

Have you recently got injured at a public or corporate domain? Are you looking for provisions that can help you claim your right and get the compensation for the accident?

Here, we are providing a closer look at what premises liability law is, and what actions you can take regarding it:

What is Premises Liability Law?

Premises liability is a legal concept that comes in accountancy when a person experiences a personal injury occurred on someone’s property due to the unsafe or faulty conditions at the place.

The main cause of personal injury is ignorance or negligence or unsafe condition of the property.

Hence, the premises liability law provides the injured person an opportunity to claim compensation on the property owner by proving his negligence toward its property maintenance.

Though, the accident or injury at someone’s property might not always be the fault of the property owner.

So, before claiming, you have to be clear of certain term and conditions which ensure that if the owner is responsible for your injury or not:

1.    The person you are filling lawsuit must possess the property

2.    The claimer must be an invitee, licensee or trespassers. Usually, the owner shares least of the responsibility against trespassers. Yet under certain condition, the trespasser can fill a case against the property owner.

3.    To file a case you should be sure that the defect in the property is a case of negligence or some other wrongful act.

4.    The injury of the victim is a direct cause of the defective or dangerous condition of the place.

Every premise liability case is unique and different in itself, so there could be various other conditions that you need to prove in your case. 

Some of the most common scenarios that could be an outcome of premise liability negligence are:

  • Slip and fall
  • Dog bite
  • Swimming pool accident
  • Wet floor slip
  • Toxic fumes or chemical released at the property site
  • Defective elevators
  • Lack of lights leading to the injury
  • Lack of security leading to assault or injury
  • Lack of safety measures in office leading to injury to the employee
  • Low maintenance of the premises whether inside the building or outside leading to cause injury  
  • Snow and ice accident
  • Slip and fall
  • There could be a wide range of premises negligence that can lead to injuries. 

The cases of premise liability can be complex and at a time it can make you struggle to prove your point. Under such situation, approaching professional premises liability attorney can offer you the required help.

If you are doubtful about your case and on the fence of whether you should hire premises liability attorney or not, below given points can help you reach a decision:

Even if you are doubtful whether, your case will qualify the premises liability or not, still, you should give yourself a chance. Consulting an experienced attorney will do no harm to your situation. An attorney is a qualified person who can analyze your case and fairly tell you whether you are eligible for filing a lawsuit or not.

There are certain cases which seem too complex. You might have a sense that it’s not the fault of premise owner but that’s not always the situation according to law.

For an example: In a high attack prone area, if you have been accused or have become a victim of violent crime due to a dark premise, you can fill a case against the property owner. As it is legally the owner’s duty to facilitate the property with adequate security and lights. Mostly the premise that is bound to facilitate security, lights and well-locking doors are school, office buildings, residential buildings rented by landlords and more.

 Similarly, there can be numerous such cases that can fall under the premises liability.

Additionally, there are some dedicated and genuine premises liability attorneys who only charge you the fee after you win the case. So, all you have to do is find a reliable and skilled attorney to claim the misfortune you are paying for.


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