Have you ever gone for a social function and instead of people chatting and sharing on laughter, they are busy scrolling their smartphones? Technological innovations have brought many positives to humanity,but they have also led to various social disorders like depression, anxiety,loneliness, and obsessive comparisons among others.

It is estimated that the average person checks their phone an average 200 times a day. Imagine what productive thing you could be doing with those hours. Most of the time we are busy on various social media platforms liking and sharing photos or videos.

This article explores some social disorders that are associated with technology addiction.


There has been an increase in the number of suicides among teens in recent days.Cyber-bullying has been named as the leading cause for this. The teen phase is characterized by enormous personal growth and teens are constantly looking for mentors. The internet offers this. The problem is when people lack tolerance for each other and refuses to accommodate the views of others. This leads to cyber bullying which when taking to the extreme leads to suicides. Parents can invest in our list of the bestVPNs for mac computers and keep your child safe from cyber bullying and sexual exploitation.

Social Skills

Social Skills

There was a time when you needed to talk to someone you simply called or asked them to come over for coffee.  Today, all you need is launch chat. Face to face meetings have been on a decline, and this has led to people having shallow friends online. How popular you are is determined by the number of friends on various social media platforms. Lack of social skills has led to an increasing number of people been depressed and others suffering from social anxiety. Due to an increase in number of social gadgets people are becoming more isolated. A growing number of kids are spending more time indoors playing video games rather than playing outside.

Physical health

Spending your day on the couchbinging on Netflix or the latest video game makes you lazy and contributes to various lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes and blood pressure. When you spend the day focused on your screen, you hinder efficient blood circulation in your body. This contributes to back and neck pains. The blue light emitted by most gadgets can cause eyesight problems later in life. Spending the day with headphones contributes to a hearing loss. Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives,but constant texting can cause a thumb problem called tendonitis. To avoid all these problems, it is wise to take short-brakes from your gadgets and enjoy a short walk in the park or listen to the bird’s sing.

Mental health

Mental Health

People who are addicted to technology are prone to various mental illnesses like depression, anxiety or new disorders like chronic smartphone stress. The latter is caused when a person has stress due to lack of notifications on their smartphones or anticipation for specific messages. Cases of insomnia due to the smartphone blue light are on the rise. Various studies have proved that if you keep checking on your notifications at night, you will have trouble sleeping. Lack of sleep causes a vicious cycle that further exuberant depressive episodes.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security

Having an online presence exposes your private data and photos to theft. Children are at a greater risk to cyber bullying and sexual predators. Many teens have admitted to sending close friends nudes and engaging in sexting. The internet has also eroded any sense of privacy. You can easily pull out personal details like a residential area, contact info and phone numbers from various social media platforms. This information can be used by hackers to spread viruses or hack into bank accounts and transfer funds. It is paramount that you engage a VPN provider to secure your network. You can also install various anti-virus software on your PC and mobile phone.

Violent games

Video games are increasingly becoming more violent and graphics. Kids exposed to such kind of violence at an early age tend to replicate the same in their lives. While most countries have put in place gun control regulation, this has had little effect to curb the use of guns and violence among teens.

What should parent due to protect their kids?

What should parent due to protect their kids

Preventing technology addiction among teens requires the input of all parties – especially parents. The government can only go far by implementing specific regulations to tackle cyber bullying,indecent exposure, catching pedophiles,etc.Most of the monitoring is left to parents.

You can begin by downloading software and Applications that monitor kids’ activities online. You can block access to some sites that you find can cause harm to your kids. Limit the time your kids spend playing video games or surfing the web. Encourage them to go outside and make some friends.

As a parent, you also need to be informed of the latest technology trends. There are apps that are popular with the youth. Check for those that are morbid or encourage teens to cut themselves and commit suicide. There are often some telltale signs that your child is hiding something. If they hid in their rooms while interacting with certain apps, then this should be cause of concern.

For kids encourage alternative forms of entertainment, buy a chessboard or puzzles and teach your kids how to have fun through these forms. Encourage your kids to have a hobby that requires them to spend more time outdoors. It could be table tennis, basketball or soccer. You can also organize family time and incorporate some of these traditional ways of having fun. Most of the kids who are addicted to technology think that they do not have alternatives – offer them these.


Technology has brought many positives in society,but at the same time, it is the cause of various social problems and health issues. Kids are exposed to various gadgets at an early age and if not controlled technology can lead to addition. Parents can encourage their kids to practice alternative forms of entertainment like sports, puzzles and finding hobbies.


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