Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have emerged as alternatives to traditional cigarettes. Those, who are ardent smokers, can choose to go for electronic cigarettes to experience something similar to traditional cigarettes yet quite different from various aspects. Electronic cigarettes are beneficial to be chosen over the traditional cigarettes for many reasons. In the following section, a few surprising facts on the e-cigarette will be discussed for the convenience of the readers. When you know the facts and details about a product, you shall be more confident in buying it. Nevertheless, both smoking and vaping are strictly recommended for the adults. They should understand major side-effects and health risks. According to that, they should be able to decide whether electronic cigarette is the right thing for them or not.

  1. Minimize Your Risk of Cancer

Instead of burning tobacco, you consume nicotine vapor. Now, tobacco is proven damaging for your health. It can cause lung cancer and other kinds of health issues. It can also enhance your heart attack or problem. The same cannot be said for the nicotine vapor. No one can claim till now that nicotine vapor is completely risk-free. It may have some amounts of risks. But it can be said not as much harm as raw tobacco. In other ways, electronic cigarettes can help to escape cancer, especially if you are an ardent smoker. From a smoker, you should turn into vapor to curb the risk of cancer to some extent.

  1. Assistance in Quitting Cigarette

In the beginning, most of the electronic cigarette selling brands came with the claim that vaping will help you to quit smoking. Well, such advertisements or business promotional claims cannot be found these days. It means that it does not guarantee to help you to quit smoking. However, those who want to quit cigarette can opt for the electronic cigarette to minimize addiction towards cigarette. Well, in some cases, users have found that vaping helped them to quit or get rid of addiction to smoking. But it has also not worked for many people. So, the result is not predictable and thus making such a claim would be unethical. If you are willing to quit cigarette and nothing has helped you in this matter, you can opt for the electronic cigarette to see whether you can quit smoking or not.

  1. Lesser Cases of Addiction to Vaping

It has been noted that tobacco is more addictive than the nicotine vapor. This is why a lot of people who are habituated to e-cigarette have been able to quit smoking successfully to some extent. If smoking is a regular thing for you, it could be an addiction. The addiction to smoking will increase with the advent of time. But the same would not happen in case if you have chosen electronic cigarettes. You would not face progressive addition to the e-cigs in most of the cases. However, for some people, it has become addictive. But such cases are reportedly minimal in compared to the addiction to the traditional cigarette or tobacco smoke.

  1. Keep Your Oral Health in Better Shape

Deteriorating oral health is a common aftermath of smoking tobacco. If you are quite a frequent smoker, you would have to suffer from different kinds of physical issues or problems. Among these problems, your oral health damage could be a reason. Teeth enamel gets damaged due to excessive smoking. High acidity level in mouth and stomach causes loss of taste on the taste buds. Nevertheless, smoking tobacco may lead to foul smell or bad mouth odor. To escape these problems, you need to quit smoking. If quitting smoking seems to be a hard task to you, pondering upon the e-cigarettewould be a good thing. It will curb the risk of oral health damage to a large extent.

  1. Smoke and Fire Free

As we all know, the biggest advantage of electronic cigarette is that it is completely smoke and fire free. Since it is smoke-free, you can vape inside your office. You do not have to go to the smoking area. However, the effects of passive vaping have not been tested yet. According to health experts, the effect of vaping could be quite difficult to judge. Ideally, it may have some bad effects on others, as nicotine is not a healthy substance. So, passive vaping is not recommended, especially vaping in front of kids or pregnant ladies could be fatal.

  1. Availability of Various Flavors

The tobacco manufacturing companies are trying to introduce new flavors for the smokers, as the taste and fragrance of raw tobacco are not acceptable to many people. Instead of the raw tobacco smell and blunt taste, they want something better. For that purpose, flavored tobacco could be good. However, the availability of flavors is not too high. You shall get only a few flavors, including mint and some spices. If you switch to vaping, ample of flavors will be there for you to enjoy. From green apple to an orange and from exotic spices to citrus, availability of various flavors is always a great thing for the vaping lovers.

  1. Vaping Tools Are Popularly Sold Online

You may not find the vaping tools or devices at the marketplace of cigarette shop near to you easily. But, the product is easily available online. At the online shopping store, you shall get ample electronic cigarettes and vaping devices. All of them could be unique as well as similar in nature. You can find products at various pricing ranges. Based on your need or requirement, you should choose your suitable vaping devices.


Analyzing the facts given above, it can be stated that smoking or vaping is always harmful and addictive. However, when they are compared, vaping seems a better alternative to smoking. Electronic cigarettes are comparatively newly introduced products at the marketplace. So, lesser research data on the health impact of the e-cigarette can be found. However, health experts assume that e-cigs are not at all harmless. They could have many potential health risks to offer. So, you should choose to vape responsibly.

Author Bio: Anthony Karen is a health expert who has been running many health seminars and public discussions. She also manages her blog and reviews the health-related details provided by authentic sources.


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