When a craving hits, you don’t have time to stall out over a tough choice: do you want a pizza or do you want a sandwich?

Thanks to a new innovation, you won’t have to waste precious snacking time making a decision. A pizza and sandwich combination may be available at the same store as your favorite cheapest pizza specials.

What happens when a sandwich and pizza meet? The result is a crunchy flatbread stuffed with tasty cheese and toppings. Papa John’s is rolling out a new selection of Italian flatbread sandwiches called Papadias that combine the best elements of your favorite foods. It’s one of a handful of innovations the pizza chain has added to its rotation recently, along with the best gluten free pizza crust and a new garlic-Parmesan flavored pizza crust.

Thin, Foldable Crust

A quality dough can make or break a pizza, just like top-tier bread is the key to a great sandwich. The crunchy exterior of a Papadia stands up to the promise of fresh, never frozen dough that comes with Papa John’s pizzas. Think about the joys of folding a slice of pizza in half to savor the outer layer, and take that joy to the next level. A thin, flatbread crust makes the perfect vehicle for highlighting the flavor of the dough and filling with additional ingredients. On your next search for the cheapest pizza specials, think outside the box and consider the possibilities of combining a sandwich and pizza.

The Best of Both Topping Worlds

After the crust, a pizza is all about the sauce, cheese and toppings. Folding a slice of pizza into a sandwich pocket creates the ideal ratio of crust to that magical blend of sauce, cheese and fillings in every bite. You get all your favorite flavors from standard pizza toppings like pepperoni, spicy Italian sausage and veggies, plus tasty extras like spicy meatballs and real cheese made from mozzarella. All of that comes together in a sandwich-inspired package that combines the flavors you love from pizza with the convenience you’re looking for in a sandwich. On top of that, you can take advantage of the customer service available at Papa John’s locations, like the ability to order on your mobile device and use the company’s track pizza order technology to watch your food go from the order to the oven to your doorstep.

Choose Your Favorite Flavor

One size doesn’t fit all cravings. These pizza-plus-sandwich combinations come in a range of flavor combinations. Pick your favorite between pizza-inspired options like grilled barbecue chicken and bacon or meatball pepperoni, or sandwich-themed choices like the Philly cheese steak. The Italian option draws from both worlds with ingredients like salami, Italian sausage, cheese, banana peppers and Alfredo sauce. You can mix up the flavor profiles more by dunking these pizza-sandwich hybrids in the dipping sauces that come alongside.

Think outside of the box the next time you’re looking for the cheapest pizza specials near you. Don’t confine your cravings to just a pizza or just a sandwich. Instead, explore a world where your favorite foods can live together in a crunchy, cheesy, toppings-filled harmony.


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