The credit card carries a bonus or “reward” for use with usual cash back, goods discounts, or frequent flyer points. Various incentive systems, such as food sales or flights, have developed in order to facilitate different purposes. Compare credit card incentives.

Types Of Rewards Credit Cards

Cash-back cards and points-mile cards exist in two major types of credit cards:

  • A card issuer pays a certain percentage of all purchases using a cashback credit card. You’d earn AED1.50 in cash if for instance you earned your card 1.5% in cashback on all purchases and purchased something for AED100.
  • The issuer provides you with a certain number of award points for each dollar that you spend with a points and miles card (often known as miles on the airline, as well as travel credit cards). It is dependent on the card how you use the points or miles. Travel, gift cards, and merchandise are common restitution
  • options.

What To Do With Cashback Credit?

What would you do for the rewards of your credit card depends on the type of benefits you collect or the laws of the card:

  • Cashback benefits will normally be refunded for a loan on your return which reduces your balance. You should also deposit the bonus in a bank account or give it to you as a check.
  • Miles or points are more often charged for the journey, but you can often pay for gift cards, products, and cashback. You usually use the points for discounted flights and upgrades for cards that bear the logo of an airline or hotel chain. You can pass your points to airline and hotel services on some bank-branded credit cards.

Best Cashback Credit Card

Many banks offer cashback credit cards UAE to their customers. We will introduce the best cashback credit card UAE in this blog.

Mashreq Platinum Elite Best Cashback Credit card

Mashreq Bank is known for its best cashback credit card. Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card is one of the top cards of Mashreq Bank.

The e-bill card provides discounts, gifts, and incentives. For these internet conversion services, there are no added costs.

This card is the best rewards credit card with its magnificent deals to cover utility bills.

Mashreq Best  Rewards Credit Card Features

Here are some of the cool features of Mashreq’s best cashback credit card UA. These key points make Platinum Elite the best rewards credit card.

No Fee

UAE provides its customers with free life services in Mashreq Cash Back Credit Card. For customers, no extra or undisclosed payments are required. There is no annual fee for issuing this passport.

Fitness Visits

Provide your Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card with 8 complimentary visits per fitness billing cycle first. In the previous billing period, clearly pay at least 7000 AEDs.

Salam Points

Salaam is the loyalty program of Mashreq which rewards you for your whole bank relationship with us. As a client, you gain points by using any Mashreq Credit & Debit Card eligible for Salaam and use all eligible Mashreq banking solutions.


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