How to Choose the Right Underwear?

mens satin boxers
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Choosing the right underwear is not rocket science but you need to consider several factors when doing so. Even if you are not to show your underwear to someone else, it would not hurt for you to wear nice ones. When buying underwear, you would only have to ask yourself three questions. Will I be comfortable wearing this? Will this give me enough support and is my skin able to breathe? If the underwear made you answer yes to the questions, then it is okay to buy.

Even if the underwear is comfortable and provides support, you still need to think about the right style, which type of fabric was used on the underwear and if the size is the perfect fit.

The right style

Men’s underwear comes in various styles and once you know what they are and which type of bottoms they are best suited for, it would be easier for you to determine which style works well for most of your pants. Briefs are the classic and is best for men with large thighs. They are also snug and provide great support. Boxers on the other hand are more breathable than briefs but would not work well with slim trousers or any other tight-fitting jeans.

If you prefer to wear mens satin boxers over briefs, you could still wear them with trousers. Just make sure that you choose trousers with a modern tailored cut. Fortunately, there is the hybrid boxer briefs so you would not have to choose between boxer or briefs because you could have both. Most men go with this style because they are snug like briefs and provide full coverage like with normal boxers. They are also versatile and flattering and could be worn under any types of pants, jeans, trousers or walking shorts.

mens satin boxers
Image Source: Unsplash

The fabric

For those with skin that is easily irritated, you could not go wrong with buying underwear made out of cotton because it is hypoallergenic. Cotton is also naturally soft and breathable which is perfect during hot seasons. Of course, if you are more active and you are always on the move, cotton underwear might not be enough to provide support.

If you are an athlete or you are always doing rigorous activities, choose underwear made out of jersey. You could also opt for mesh which is another fabric used for underwear designed for an active lifestyle. Mesh is light and breathable same as cotton. Some brands and manufacturers even design mesh underwear that disperses off body heat.

The size

There are times when men buy the wrong size of underwear but still try to make it work. If you happened to buy the wrong underwear and it is a size smaller, don’t wear it. Tight underwear has been linked to low sperm count. Tight underwear increases the temperature of the scrotum which affects the body’s capability to produce sperm.

If you are trying to have a baby, all the more that you should be more careful in choosing the right underwear. Choosing the right underwear would also ensure that you avoid any chafing, allergies and infection brought about by bacteria in your underwear.

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