Do you love enjoying music?What about live concerts? The ‘Under the Sun tour’ has transformed the excitement in the life of music lovers to a great extent.

What this music festival focuses on is stoner metal in addition to rock sounds. This art and music festival is generally hosted on some extravagant beach bars. Running for a lot of years now, this tour has gained quite fame in the recent times from those music lovers who are deeply interested in alternative rock bands. The festival carries on for an entire weekend and the fans get to enjoy the standalone concerts at the most famous beach bars – under the sun.

In Greece – the Cariocas Beach Bar

The most recent one was held in Greece on the nation’s oldest beach bar – Cariocas Beach bar situated on the famous Schinos beach. The tour continued for the whole two days from the 30th of June to 1st July this year and had an extravagant list of programs for people to enjoy. 1000 mods with their huge experience and a recent extended tour of America and European territory was hosted on the 1st day. In addition to that, Puta Volcano, Half Gramme of Soma amidst the various other performers really lit up the Cariocas Stage.

The other performers on the list include Purple Dino, Drunk Jackals, VIC, Deaf Radio, Super Soul, Wish Upon a Star, Breath After Coma were the main performers for the weekend at Greece. What more facilities were provided to the visitors include a wide list. Ensured pharmacy, blue flagged beaches, Bars and restaurants, Lifeguard, Wi-Fi connections, water sports, cars, camping and what not more?

Liberty Bank Alton Amphitheater (2nd July, 2018)

The Under the Sun Tour info is known to host a lot of stunning bands on stage. The most reputed ones of the wide range of performers include Sugar Ray, Sister Hazel, Uncle Kracker and Smash Mouth. All these amazing bands constitute a part of the tour held at Liberty Bank Alton Amphitheater.

Top Performers

Sugar Ray is quite famous on date for the reason that it has topped the chart for hits. The chart includes Fly, Someday as well as Every Morning. Well this band was first brought together in the year 1986 and is active till date. The members list for the band includes Mark McGrath, Justine Bivona, Rodney Shepparf and Jesse Bivona.

The path of fame came across Smash mouth back in the late days of 1990. The main hits included Walkin’ on the Sun as well as All Star among the list of many other hits. What is more to this band is that they had the toppers in the hit chart – ‘I’m a Believer’ and ‘All Star’ to be used up in the recent animation movie, Shrek.

Sister Hazel is renowned to produce as many as 8 albums, one among which has been successful in reaching platinum status and another one till the gold. Uncle Kracker has also given a lot of hits since the year 2001. In the year 2004, Kenny Chesney collaborated with Uncle Kracker and came up with the nation’s Top hit – ‘When the Sun Goes Down’.

The tickets are divided into two categories – the ones permitting general admission tagged at $28.50 per entry and the other ones entitling VIP category at $60 per head.

The upcoming tour is to be held on the 30th of September, 2018 at the Tropical Park in Miami. Apart from the band performances, there are also art exhibitions to be held up that weekend in inclusion to the performance of local stars on stage. Visit the website and make sure to grab your tickets now.

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