Top 12 Movie Review Websites You should check before hitting the Theater

movie review websites

Being a critic is not an easy task. Hence, there are millions of websites which review movies,  but only a handful of them is worth going through. Now without adequate experience, you will be confused as to which websites to visit for the ultimate movie review and guide. To remove all confusions and offer a clear view about such sites, below are mentioned top 12 movie review websites which you should go through for accurate information.

1. IMDB -The best movie review websites


One of the most common and popular movie review websites is IMDB. It helps one to know about what other ordinary viewers think about a movie which released. Numerous reviews from different users for every film help one to come to a definite conclusion about a movie.

Each movie in here is rated somewhere between 1 and 10. The higher the rating, the better is the movie. Hence, checking up on a movie on this site before hitting the theaters to watch it is always an excellent idea.

2. Roger Ebert

This is considered by all to be Mecca of everything related to films. This website is everything one requires if they are searching for a film review. This critic who passed away in 2013 was the first critic of films who won the Pulitzer Prize for criticism.

The in-depth reviews, along with a variety of films, make this the best film critic website in the world. This website still posts about 28 reviews every week, which is more than enough for people to get their choice.

3. Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes

This site’s primary objective is to gather reviews from a selected few top publications before averaging their scores. This way, people would be able to notice which movie gets a fresh rating with over 50% votes and under it, means rotten scores that are never good for a movie. In short, Rotten Tomatoes separates the wheat from the chaff that would aid an individual to select a movie they would like to watch.

4. Guardian

This is a daily British newspaper that has an amazing film review section. People can opt for the print or online form for their reviews which are generally quite witty. Apart from their remarkably written articles, their movie reviews shed light on every newly released film, which is worth everyone’s time.

Also, they provide sometimes reviews of past releases that that one might have missed before. It is one of the best film review section which people can trust before choosing to watch one.

5. Film Comment

For people looking about reviews for movies from an academic based website, then this site is perfect for them. It offers an array of reviews on numerous different movies which provides one with multiple choices when it comes to one selecting a movie to go with their friends or family.

This is a magazine which is completely scholarly based and apart from film reviews; it posts articles and blogs on various topics related to movies and more.

6. Meta Critic

Meat Critic is quite similar to the website Rotten Tomatoes. Like the latter one, Meta Critic averages out several reviews from different popular websites. It scores a movie out of 100, and the higher this score is for a movie, the better it is. However, what’s unique about this site is its sub-section where people can view scores of different movie publications before concluding.

7. Yahoo Movies

What set this film review website apart is not only it offers just movie reviews but also provide information about films which will be releasing soon. Moreover, they offer information about DVD releases and certain other aspects related to movies. One of the reasons as to why people love this is its plethora of trailers that one will come across when going through this website. If an individual is seeking for any uncommon movie title, then definitely should surf this site.

8. Flixster

This website is much more than just a simple movie review place. It offers information regarding a film’s show timings, DVD releases, and reviews are just some of the things people can find here. What makes people visit this site often is their availability of a user-friendly app which can be installed in iOS and Android phones, which makes using it easy when even travelling.


This is another website where its authors provide the reviews of released movies along with predictions for upcoming ones. Each of the titles receives a score at the end of the review generally. However, this is not all as people can easily find numerous other useful information related to a film on this website.

10. MrQE

This is a massive website which has more than 100,000 reviews along with 900,000+ articles which are about movies. What people applaud about this site is their commendable and wide range of movie selection which is hardly found anywhere else. Also, they have URL to sites such as Newsday, the New York Times, and more so that people can gather more information if that’s what one desires.

11. Little White Lies Magazine

This is one of the best magazines which offer insightful movie reviews. Their documentation of every aspect of a movie helped them to be in this list and have readers from all over the world. However, apart from film reviews, it features various interviews with directors, actors, etc. for in-depth knowledge about a movie. This magazine posts about 15 reviews every week to cover all films which release within a week.

12. Reddit – Movie Critic

It is a sub-reddit for film reviews as well as discussions related to it. It even posts blogs from time to time to offer every help an individual requires in the movie department. What’s best about this blog is that one can find reviews of commercial movies to short-films and Indies. Every week it releases 84 posts or more without fail to cover all of their bases.

Now you have complete knowledge about the best movie review websites in the world. If you want to hit the theaters for a movie, ensure checking its review first on these websites, and they opt for it.

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