Anniversary parties are a fun experience for both the guests and the hosts. The couple who’s celebrating the success of their married life gets to know how their life affects their guests. Meanwhile, the guests get to learn the secrets of a successful marriage.

Whether you’re planning to throw a party for your parents or friends, you would want the couple to have the most memorable celebration of their lifetime. However, improper planning may be a buzzkill for your enthusiasm. But, don’t worry, we have it all covered for you.

Following is a step by step guide, along with some of our own tried ideas that can help you plan a blaster party.

Step1: Prepare a List of Invitations

This might sound very obvious; however, it is perhaps the most crucial part of any event planning. Before you start planning anything to do with a party, you must prepare a list of guests you wish to invite. Design an inviting card mentioning the reason for the invitation, the time and date, and of course, the venue for the party. Do not forget to ask your invitees to respond to their invitations. Having an affirmative response from your guests can help you decide the budget for the party. And likewise, you can make the arrangements for seating, and food.

Step2: Select a Theme for the Party

A study from a well-known event management company reveals that the themed parties result in more engagement of the guests. You can follow this idea to improve the engagement of your guests and keep them entertained. Select a theme for your party that seems fit for the guests and the prime couple. Well, you can make it relevant to the life event of the anniversary couple, or you can pick a popular scene from their favorite movie. In any case, the key is to showcase their life preferences before the guests. For instance, if your friends (the anniversary couple) are into the Game of Thrones, you can pick it up as the theme of your party. And accordingly, install lights and play some ambient music in your backyard.

Step3: Plan for the Power Supply

On this note, it is necessary to mention that any theme preparation would also demand planning for the power supply. Of course, using grid power can be expensive. Therefore, you must look for a generator set. For instance, this link lists some portable generators ideal for hosting a backyard party. You can plug in your music system, lights, and also any other electrical decorations to the gen-set. Most importantly, using a diesel gen-set would keep the party going on, even when the grid fails, and there’s a complete blackout.

Step4: Planning the Games for Celebration

Now, that you have a confirmed idea of the guests and the theme for the party, it’s time to decide the games for the party. However, when you’re deciding the games for the party, you must consider the demographics of your guests and also the prime couple. If your guests have children, then you must avoid any adult games at all costs. Likewise, if you know that the couple adores soft toys and board games, you can pick these items and design a game for the guests at the party. Treasure hunts are always great, but they seem to have lost their charm. Revive the trend by infusing some new ideas. For example, you can organize a treasure hunt using the couple’s life instances as clues. A secret from party planners, games, and activities help save on the drinks and DJ costs.

Step5: Finalizing the Menu for Food

While arranging the food, deciding the menu for the food items can be the most difficult part. Essentially, you need to consider if any of your guests are allergic to any particular food. If so, think of the alternatives you can include on your menu to serve the particular guests. Likewise, you must also consider including both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items into the menu. Another important decision related to the food is deciding whether you must hire a caterer for the party or should you be considering self-service. Now, the decision to hire a caterer would solely depend on the number of guests and the variety of food items you wish to include in your menu. If you believe the gathering is rather small and there are fewer dishes on the platter, you can surely opt for self-service, or otherwise must hire a caterer.

Step6: Do not Forget the Cake

Cakes are not just desserts anymore. The savory has become more or less a mandatory inclusion for any celebration. You can also include a cake cutting ceremony towards the end of the party. In fact, many cultures consider cake cutting with the beginning (or the conclusion) of an event. It is believed to be auspicious for the guests and the host alike. Well, since you are including the cake into your party celebrations, make sure that you consider a cake design that matches with the reason for the party. For instance, birthday cakes are different from anniversary cakes, particularly in terms of the size and the decorations. So, you must choose the cake wisely.

Step7: Get Return Gifts for the Guests

In the end, you might wish your guests to take a souvenir of the party with them, to keep the memories of the celebration. However, you wouldn’t want them to be tearing apart the decorations to take as souvenirs. So, instead of getting your party destroyed close to the end, you can offer return gifts to your guests. Once, again, you must consider the age of the guests and the theme of your party when choosing the gifts. You have a plethora of options including custom mugs to personalized photographs that you can offer to your guests. It all boils down to your budget, in the end.

Anniversaries are the moments to cherish cupid’s blessings. Every couple desires to grow old together, facing each other’s good and bad together. And celebrating the moments like these help the couples remember their promises and motivates them to keep inspiring others with their love and compatibility.


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