How to use mind maps to build your vocabulary resource for IELTS

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The most critical aspect of becoming proficient in a language is to learn Vocabulary. Students find difficulty in preparing for the IELTS exam if they are weak in Vocab. People may suggest you learn new words by reading books, newspapers, magazines, online videos, podcasts, etc. But, have you heard about the Mind map technique to boost your vocabulary? If not, Today, you will be aware of various mind map methods which will help you to retain difficult words in your mind without any hustle. 

A mind map helps to create the thoughts and ideas connected with the required topic.

Before moving to numerous mind map techniques, let’s first understand about Mind maps in brief. Scoring 8+ bands in IELTS is your dream? If yes, you can connect with the Best IELTS institute for the right guidance. 

What is a Mind Map?

Mind map simply means organizing information in a visual form. Place the assigned topic in the middle and put ideas related to that topic around the edge. It provides the best understanding and develops the retention power of the students. 

Techniques to use Mind Maps to learn the Vocabulary to get high IELTS band

Here are different ways to use mind map techniques to learn the Vocabulary more easily and effectively: 

Prepare Notebook

Our mind has limited retention capability to memorize all the facts and figures. A mind map is an easy method for students to note down details in points and keywords. Some people prefer to read in lists whereas others can elaborate the whole topic by looking at a single phrase or word. So, you are free to do as per your will, simply, put your ideas on the paper sheet based on the assigned topic and make the sentences on your understanding by using the new words. It will surely help you to learn the Vocabulary and keep it in your mind for a long time if you revise it frequently. 

Create Short Plan or Sections 

Students get an instant topic to write during the IELTS writing test but they have only limited time to think about everything related to that assigned topic. Some students waste their lot of time thinking about where to start? What will be the key points? In this case, First, understand your topic and then create a mind map to do essay planning by generating ideas or thoughts related to it. Divide everything into different paragraphs and structures such as Introduction, main sections, and conclusion. It will be easy to write if you have a good understanding of the topic and a properly structured plan. 

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Create Diagrams 

Pick a topic, gather all your thoughts, make points by fitting your new words and put all this assembled information in a diagram (Circular form or other. You can create that diagram in your practice notebook or chart. Open that practice notebook, or look at the chart at the time of review before the exam. By following the Mind map, you would notice, these new words which once seemed scary are easy to memorize and retain in your mind.

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Powerpoint point presentation is a more powerful way to learn the vocabulary. It will help to improve your writing and speaking skills. In Ppts, you have to present detail in bullets and images. Make a presentation on your favorite topic and mention the interesting facts in bullets by using new words. Practice with that particular presentation in your free time in front of your loved ones which will help you to boost your confidence and polish your speaking skill as well.  

Group Discussion Study

You have to share your knowledge on a particular topic with 3 to 4 people during group study. If you have the proper mind map and created it in keywords then it will be easy for you to speak in minutes in front of your opponent. Take a topic and create a mind map on the sheet of paper for the group discussion by using all the new words you have learned during the day. If you would make a group of your friends for the practice then learning vocabulary becomes more enjoyable. 

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Hope, all these effective Mind map tools would help you to expand your vocabulary. A mind map is all about brainstorming ideas. And, ideas appear in the mind only if you’re a good observer. Therefore, we guide you to observe more so that you can take the benefit of all these mind map techniques.

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