It might just so happen that no matter what you did, or who you might have been in your high school, college is your fresh start with a clean academic slate. It’s also your way to start a new part of your life which comes with a lot of independence and various critical decisions. The choices you make during the first year of your college will shape the next few years of college and a part of your adult life.

When you are starting your college life, you have access to a higher level of education, than ever before. You are beginning to take up more responsibilities. So, if you are starting the first year of your college, you need to remember the following education tips of  brainybatch.

  • Make friends with your professor

The professors at your college have office years, and this is something you need to take advantage of. You can utilize your professor’s office hours to offer him/her help, establish a relationship, and review the latest materials from your class. This will help you understand your coursework, get a head start on getting internships, having preparation for future courses, and make connections with your professors.

  • Treasure your syllabus

When you get your syllabus for your year, don’t just put them aside or throw it away. Make a schedule of all the assignments, and deadlines on your calendar. Use an online calendar tool to keep track. This will give you the capability to make study plans in time, start working on project beforehand, or start your preparations for major exams.

  • Start studying ASAP

Being a college student, I know exactly how a college mind works – start studying just a few weeks before the term exams, and try to pass with minimum grades, and then, start making promises that you will start studying from the next semester. DO NOT FOLLOW THIS ROUTINE/THINKING. Starting off your studies as soon as you get your syllabus is a great way to stay ahead from the rest of your class. This way, the stress you feel during your exam time will be reduced to a great extent.

  • Get a study buddy/study group

Making friends is not the only important aspect of your social life. Friends are a great way to get good grades. Make friends with people with whom you can form a study group to review your classwork, work out your homework, assignments, and projects. Additionally, you can pick up new methods of studying.

  • Keep a room for your studies

This might seem to be a quirky tip, but there is no harm in giving this a try. There has been a research conducted recently that the traditional method of keeping a study room for yourself, like the library or your room, is actually a great way of learning. Even you can also have different locations for different subject, and this will act like a guidepost for helping your brain catalog and organize various materials, and concepts.

  • Have proper sleep schedule

If you have been on holiday for a long time, and have given up the habit of waking up early, you might want to get that habit back. Try waking up at least one hour prior to the time you have your first class scheduled. Start a schedule of going to bed at the same time every night. This will help you to reset your internal clocks, and ensures that you are up and ready before your early morning lectures.

  • Keep your stress in check

This is the last point you need to keep in mind. College life might get stressful at times, and you might start panicking. Have a hobby which relaxes you and keeps your stress in check. Whenever you feel stressed, start practicing that hobby of yours, and become de-stressed.

The latest modern approach of education is online education. Just search online for other tips you might find useful. If you keep the above tips in mind, when you are starting your college life, you will find that it will be quite smooth sailing for you. Just don’t overdo it, and keep it calm. The


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