Did you know the average cost to have new kitchen countertops installed is over $2,000?

No wonder that when investing in a new countertop you want to make sure you look at all your options and pick one you love.

Have you been looking for a way to update your kitchen with something unique and exciting?

Keep reading to learn about unique countertops that will make your kitchen stand out.

Unique Countertops and Counter Materials

When people first think of countertops usually marble or granite countertops is the first thing that comes to mind. But the truth is there’s a ton of unique countertops to choose from that might fit your style better. Kitchen counters are a popular place in the kitchen where tasty recipes are made by mothers, fathers, and grannies.


This countertop is durable and looks great. It gives an organic and natural look to any kitchen. If you decide poured concrete is the countertop for you have to make sure it’s sealed more than once to prevent staining.

A neat option with concrete is that you can cast and pour it into any shape that you want it to be. Concrete is a material that as it ages it looks better than when it was first installed. 

Keep in mind that you don’t want to put anything hot on top of the counter because even though concrete is heat resistant the seal that goes over it isn’t.

Calacatta Marble

This option gives you the look of marble but with a less expensive bill. This option is stain-resistant and durable. Perfect alternative when your budget is tight but you want to upgrade your countertop and give your kitchen a facelift.

Crushed Glass

Some people have never thought of having crushed glass as a countertop material. This makes a unique look because two pieces are never the same. Crushed glass is placed in concrete or acrylic making them look like classic mosaic art or floating glass chunks.

There are different colors to choose from making your countertop stand out from anyone on the block. This blog covers all the ins and outs of crushed glass.


Who doesn’t love a glass of wine? Cork doesn’t have to be limited to only wine. Lately, it has become a more popular material in the kitchen. It’s light and sturdy making it a great combo. 

If you prefer environmentally friendly alternatives this is perfect. Other pros of going with this unique countertop include it’s anti-bacterial, has sound cutting properties, and it’s both water and heat resistant. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is not only limited to appliances. Stainless steel counters give a modern look in any kitchen. They are resilient to germs, heat, and water. 

A con to this unique countertop is that over time they’re susceptible to scratches or dings. Also, they’re like glass any fingerprint will show up when they’re touched. They have little maintenance just a quick polish to wipe off handprints, making them a popular choice.


Pewter is a material that comes from several metals. It’s not as sturdy as stainless so it’s more delicate. It is a softer metal which means you can shape it and stamp it however you want. 

An option that people sometimes go with is to give it a hammered antique look. This also helps hide any dings and dents in the future.

Butcher Block

If you want the wood look but don’t want to spend so much on wood you can go for the butcher block look. It’s one of the most affordable countertops material available right now. It does need maintenance to make the wood last long but can withstand a long time with some care.

Marble Paint

Can you believe that you can change any countertop and give it the classic look and feel of marble? Yes, it’s true. You can transform your countertops and have the elegance of marble. 

If you’re worried about paint it’s water based and it’s low in VOC. Their primer hides burns, minor scratches, and stains which is a huge pro. You’re able to transform almost any type of countertop including butcher block if you’re in need of a change.


Slate is harder than marble but softer than granite making it a popular choice. It’s not only a material for walkways and rooftops it can be brought into the kitchen and give it a modern look. Something that makes it popular is that it has natural dents in it which makes it hard to see any nicks and scratches.

If you prefer a gloss look this is not the counter to choose because it has a matte finish. As far as maintenance goes it’s simple, all you need is to wash it with soap and water. Another pro is that it’s not conducive to building up bacteria.

Keep in mind that it does stain and discolor so in order to prevent it from staining you want to use coasters and trivets.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood has become popular lately of its natural organic look. It’s also environmentally friendly because it’s wood that’s salvaged from barns and older homes. The look and sturdiness from reclaimed wood can’t be copied because it comes from older trees. 

Which Countertop Will You Choose?

Now that you know that there’s more to countertops than granite and marble which one will you choose? Choosing from the many unique countertops will make your kitchen stand out. You can even choose to be bold and do two different countertops.

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