Keeping a pet has been a common practice in the American household. Furry companions are considered a member of the family. Hence, pet owners make sure that they get what they need. That includes a comfortable space to sleep or roam around.

Over recent years, custom pet-friendly home features have been in demand. Similarly, pet lovers have started getting furniture and accessories that further accommodate pets.

If you are looking for pet-friendly and decorative pieces, please keep on reading. Today, we are listing down stylish and functional furniture ideas for pet lovers.

1. Scratching Post

Most pet owners know that pets will less likely claw the living room sofa if they have their own furniture. Hence, you would want to give your cats their very own post to satisfy their urge to scratch.

Most cats love scratching, although not all of them do. Anyhow, it’s only natural for them to feel like so. Therefore, you should allow them to do it.

There’s a bunch of stylish scratching posts in the market. Most of them are made from sisal fabric which is a tough and reliable material. Remember to pick a color that harmonizes with your overall home décor.

2. Leather Couch

Pro pet owner tip: choose tight weave fabrics for your seat covers, rugs, and carpets.

When it comes to upholstery, leather is arguably the most trusted fabricby pet owners. It makes total sense because the material is simply amazing. You can clean spills with a single wipe, and you can remove dust by brushing or vacuuming.

Also, leather lasts a long time, and it fights marks well. Further, pets will less likely scratch it because it does not have loose threads.

The fabric comes in different colors and textures. An elegant leather sofa will spruce up your home interior.

3. Twill Chair

Aside from leather, other tightly-woven fabrics are also perfect for a pet-friendly piece.

Twill is a tight weave cloth that hides stains well. It is usually made of cotton or polyester. Strong and heavy, twill makes a great upholstery fabric.

A dark-colored twill furniture will conceal dirt between cleanings. Deep neutral hues like brown and gray will suit any color scheme.

4. Velvet Chesterfield Sofa

Velvet is another tight-weave cloth that suits a pet-friendly interior. Velvet has a gorgeous shine that truly makes it stand out. A velvet sofa makes a good centerpiece for the living room. If you want an eye-catching home, you will never go wrong with a velvet piece.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop is an online retailer of fabulous upholstery and furnishing fabrics. The curtain shop offers various textiles as well as bespoke blinds and handmade cushions.

5. Table with Metal Legs

Wooden pieces usually end up getting chewed by pups. You don’t have to get through a stressful scenario like this when you buy furniture with metal legs. Or, if possible, you may replace your wooden furniture legs with metal ones. Dogs will less likely gnaw on metals than woods.


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