Four Ways to Increase Reader Engagement

Increase Reader Engagement
The primary reason you write a blog is to engage others in the topic you are writing about. Although you may have some excellent points of view to share and a great deal of experience to back that up, you can never be sure that it will be read and appreciated to the degree that you would...

Lessons in Boldness: Things to Learn from Fearless People

Lessons in Boldness
People who are passive and hesitant often tend to live life on a boring side filled with unfulfilled goals and wishes. So, if you see yourself heading into that direction, here are a few lessons you can learn from fearless people in order to kick start your momentum. Don’t hesitate to say no Most people think that...

Preparing for the Inevitable: 7 Tips for Coping with the Loss of a Loved One

coping with loss
The death of a loved one has a profound effect on us, both physically and mentally. In fact, Mental Health America describes it as "life's most stressful event".  Every one of us experiences the loss of a loved one differently, and the grieving process is also different. While it may feel like the pain will never...

7 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Habits

In the United States, 35% of adults don't sleep at least 7 hours per night. Learning how to sleep better will change your life for the best. Around 1 in 3 American adults don't get enough sleep. As sleep debt grows, the quality of American life is decreasing. You deserve to...

7 Things You Need to Know About Preparing a Will

preparing a will
Are you one of the 66% of adults who doesn't have a will?  No one likes to think about death, especially their own.  It is also a bit confusing. When thinking about preparing a will, many people wonder, "What kind of will do I need?" or "What do I put in a will?"

Step into the 21st Century: Online Marketing for Law Firms

online marketing for law firms
In 2017, spending on digital marketing reached $209 billion worldwide. Having a strong online presence and marketing strategy is more important in some industries than others. Online marketing for law firms, for example, is no longer an option, but a necessity. If your law firm doesn't have an internet marketing strategy, you...

Senior Care: 5 Common Examples of Elder Abuse (and How to Prevent Them)

examples of elder abuse
If you are trying to look after the interests of your parent or grandparent, it sometimes means finding them professional care.  The professionals that look after your loved one's health or wellness can be a godsend -- but they can also be problematic if you are starting to notice signs of elderly abuse. 

7 Best Treadmills for 2019 to Jump-Start Your Active Lifestyle

Treadmills for 2019
Why would any of you want to go to a gym if you have a treadmill waiting for you at home? I mean c’mon do the math you pay so much for your gym fee, why not saving it a bit and buy a treadmill for home. I think having a treadmill is much...