EMDR is a form of sophisticated psychotherapy that necessitates a high level of expertise. For the efficient implementation of EMDR treatment, a mental health medical background is required. All providers offering EMDR Training Texas must meet the same admission requirements as EMDR Australia, which are mentioned here.

EMDR Training Texas is dedicated to providing culturally sensitive EMDR treatment training to BIPOC therapists, psychologists who work with the BIPOC society and clinicians who assist underrepresented or underserved groups.

It is Effective – Nothing makes a person who works with people who are in pain feel more fulfilled than seeing them heal and recover. EMDR is unquestionably beneficial, with over 40 major research papers and meta-analyses supporting the claim that it may assist people with a broad range of disorders better and heal. It is no surprise that many organizations recognize EMDR’s usefulness as a therapeutic method.

It is rewarding – It is satisfying and thrilling to get EMDR in Play Therapy training and expertise to improve your medical care. Those who pass the training receive 40 hours of ongoing training credit as well as a wealth of knowledge on trauma healing and assisting people in gaining time to effectively manage their personal lives. The effects of EMDR are sometimes nothing short of miraculous. I recently used EMDR with a patient who had been through military trauma and had been carrying the bad effects of that encounter for years. It had had a significant harmful impact on her life. She returned a week later, having completely reprocessed the experience, and was astounded by how profoundly this had affected her life. This has happened to me several times throughout the years that I have been using this method. Seeing others gain health and comfort is exactly what motivates me to continue working in this field. It is quite satisfying.

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It is Well Planned — EMDR Training Texas trainers are well skilled and knowledgeable, and they are expected to give the training sessions in a well-developed and methodical way. These training sessions are about more than simply the theoretical and content to be learned. They also entail putting the material’s ideas into practice. During the training courses, class time is clearly presented in a properly put together structure, but most of the evenings are actually spent with a companion to put what has been learned in class into practice. As you start to include EMDR into your treatment, you will also be required to participate in a 10-hour session. You will build proficiency in understanding and performing EMDR for yourself in this manner.

It is Holistic – EMDR shares similarities with cognitive therapy, psychodynamic therapeutic client-centered medication, and a variety of other treatments. It can be utilized in combination with a variety of therapies or as a stand-alone treatment. EMDR is a good fit for your current clinical practice.

It is Innovative — EMDR is founded on cutting-edge study that is always extending our capacity to help our clients heal and live a better life. In many respects, EMDR is a new era in the area of psychotherapy that is both intriguing and yet growing. Being trained in EMDR in Play Therapy will increase your efficiency in assisting people in moving forward in their situations, and it is in line with the ideals of providing care that transforms people’s lives.


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