Is productivity in your business slowing down? Or has it been holding steady for a number of years now and you want to kick it up a notch?

Regardless of your specific situation, one thing is clear: you need more output from your people. But, this is usually easier than said. Many employers and managers have tried to boost workplace productivity to no avail.

So, just what can a business do to improve its productivity?

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of effective tips you can use to make the wheels of productivity start turning again.

Let Them Work from Home

If you’re a boomer or a millennial who’s stuck in the old school, you probably don’t believe in working from home. Things only get done when you’re working from, well, work! As a result, you might decline work-at-home requests from your employees.

Big mistake!

A two-year Stanford study established that employees who work from home are more productive, have fewer sick days and take less time off. Plus, companies that have work-at-home programs save $2,000 annually on office space.

If you thought all an employee who works from home can do is idle on the couch all day, it’s time to embrace change.

Natural Light in the Office

Yes, working remotely has its perks, but the truth is, for most businesses, in-house staff is necessary. This means you must have a physical office.

Does your office environment support productivity?

If you’re not sure of this, conduct a survey. Ask your workers to give you feedback about what they like and dislike about their office environment.

If the environment isn’t ideal, one of the most effective productivity hacks is to allow lots of natural light. In a 2018 survey of 1,164 workers, 47 percent said the absence of natural light makes them feel tired and gloomy.

In addition to making structural changes that allow your office to receive more light, consider bringing in office plants too.

Reward Your People

As humans, we have an inherent desire to be recognized and rewarded. Your employees are no different.

If you want to get more effort from your workers, do something that boosts there morale; something that pushes them to put in a good shift. This is where rewards come in.

If you haven’t already, design a rewards program that recognizes your worker’s effort and unique talents. Trophies Plus Medals has a range of medals you can incorporate into your rewards system.

Build a Strong Workplace Culture

You might think that workplace culture is only relevant in organizations with hundreds of employees. How wrong!

As long as you have an employee, workplace culture counts, and it can go a long way in affecting your business’ productivity. Take it upon yourself to set policies that promote fairness and equality because these are the foundations of strong workplace culture.

What Can a Business Do to Improve Its Productivity? Now You Know

As a business owner, a question like “what can a business do to improve its productivity?” will always sit in your mind. The good news is increasing productivity isn’t out of your reach. Just put the tips fleshed out above to use.

And don’t forget to stay tuned to our blog for more workplace insights.


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