Your logo is an indispensable component of your brand identity, and your design represents who you are. Whether it is a new start-up or rebranding your old business, you need to follow the latest stupefying logo trends to set you apart from your competitors. An up-to-date logo will help you confidently head into the future.

Navicosoft has a team of expert designers to help you design your logo according to the latest trends.

Top 9 Basic Trends of 2021

Classic Black & White Logo

Classic black & white designs never go out of trend. Keeping your logo classy with a bit of contemporary cool effect is always a big hit. A logo design trending with minimalistic detailing still has a maximum impact portraying great style.

Inventive Typography

If your company has a text-based logo, use creative typographies to reflect your company’s personality. Moreover, a custom font has the power to transform an ordinary logo into an influential one. If it impacts your audience, even they will appreciate your inventive typography. Instead of refurbishing your old font, it would be better to craft a new one using your imagination! Just think about what kind of typography relates to the essence of your brand, and you are good to go. While being artistic, make sure your logo is decipherable and easy to perceive.

A glitch in Logo Design

There’s no denying that the stupefying logo trends of 2021 have gone on a very experimental side. Things are more chaotic now, and the simple rules are no longer applicable. The glitch trend does not follow any rules of logo design resulting in something daring, innovative, slightly disturbing, but very special. So all you ought to do is dive into this crazy ocean of imagination and creativity to pull the tides of the latest ideas.

Disappearing Letters Logo 

An attention-grabbing technique for your target audience is to offer them a riddle. Give your logo a mystifying feel by taking out a part of the word or leaving a half-finished line. It is a very striking yet tricky technique. Make sure you don’t go too far as creating a vague design and risking it. 

Artistic ‘Chaos’

The stupefying logo trends of 2021 allow you to do everything. You turn the letters upside down or even scatter the geometric shapes the way you want to. There are no defining rules. Artistic chaos is the latest trend! It simply shows the innovative and creative side of your brand.

Negative Space

Negative space is the blank space inside or around the graphics or letters. You can use this free space to do wonders! In addition, loading it with some exciting meanings or enthrall your viewer by compelling him to decode the hidden meaning in the design. It is impossible to overlook a logo containing a negative space.


Monograms are back in the trends of 2021. Designers use a vital technique of bold geometry, negative space, and stacked elements to give astonishing results. With such an amazing technique, you have the chance to craft a masterpiece!

Nature-inspired Designs

Certain brands are nature-associated brands, and 2021 is seen to take over this trend to a new level. Consequently, nature-inspired logos build a positive impact on your audience and gives a sense of harmony and calmness. Weeds or plants growing is a sign of new growth and a new beginning to life. Thus it creates an overall positive vibe for a brand.

Animated Logos

The use of animation on websites is the latest trend of 2021. This astounding logo trend holds the interest of the audience and is most appropriate for logo design. It clearly shows that your logo is up-to-date and creative in many ways.

Gradient Logos

A 3D gradient creates interest and dynamic quality in your logo. These small details matter since brand colors have a significant impact. Furthermore, it allows you to focus on one color and retain that instantly recognizable quality. Therefore go with the flow in the high-quality group of grabbing attention. 

Choose Navicosoft for your Logo Design

Navicosoft understands your idea and the importance of stupefying logo trends for your business. Our team is specialized to make your business mark. We understand that an innovative custom logo design is the identity of your business success. People recognize you by your company’s logo. Thus Navicosoft ensures to make your logo more engaging so that you have more chances of generating sales from your potential customers. 


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