Anthony Marifone established a knife firm in 1994 in a small house in Vero Beach, Florida, that would soon debut some of the most inventive and desired knife styles on the world.

Microtech has kept pushing the limits of knife design since its humble origins, blending historic knife-making processes with cutting-edge technology to earn a distinction for producing the greatest automatic blades in the globe.

Here’s all you have to understand about Microtech Auto Knives if you want to feel the brilliance of a Microtech blade.

microtech auto knives
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Microtech Design Principles: Precision, Power, And Perfection

Microtech makes no sacrifices in terms of material or workmanship. All knife parts are made in the United States, and Microtech’s group of technicians constantly improves their designs to produce knives that will never let you down.

Microtech Auto Knives are made from a range of metals, including Bohler M390 as well as Elmax. The Carpenter CTS-204P steel, which is made in Philadelphia, is their go-to metal for the bulk of their manufacturing blades. CTS-204P combines the toughness of high-end steel with outstanding edges durability and resistance to corrosion.

After the constituent components have been manufactured, each knife is meticulously combined by hand to provide high knives with unequaled attention to precision in the business.

Here Are Some Of Microtech’s Most Popular Knife Models:

– Microtech Ultratech

The Microtech Ultratech is widely regarded as the industry’s out-the-front knife, setting the bar for all later OTF blades. As one of the earliest Microtech OTF models, it has been in manufacturing virtually since the company’s beginning, owing to its appeal among EDC enthusiasts.

The 3.4-inch knife is available in a variety of shapes, including double-edged, tanto, and drop-point. A glass breaker is included into the curved aluminium grip for emergency use. Microtech’s unique firing mechanism reduces wear and tear by keeping the fire component “at rest” while the blade is open and shut.

Microtech’s patented “tri-angle” hardware secures the grip, giving the knife a sleek, contemporary appearance. The aluminium handle is available in a range of high-end coatings, including copper and brass. This knife is less than 3.5 oz in total weight.

– Microtech Utx-85

The first of the Ultratech’s modifications is just 85 percent of its original size. The Microtech UTX 85’s tiny size is meant to fit precisely in your hand for enhanced grip and agility, making it an excellent EDC and hidden carry blade in areas that support it. The knife measures 3.11 inches in length as well as weighs just 3.1 ounces.

The deployment system has been improved to fire more seamlessly than the original Ultratech, resulting in a simple-to-use knife that is suitable for beginners and those with tiny hands.

– Microtech Utx-70

The Microtech Utx-70 is the smallest blade in the Microtech family and the most diminutive variant of the initial Ultratech. The low-profile design is ideal for hidden carry and can fit in whatever size bag or pocket, and can be readily connected to keychains or hidden in handbags.

The Microtech Utx-70 strikes the right mix between a hard-wearing utilitarian knife and a covert self-defense blade, with a cutting length of 2.9 inches and a total size of just under 6-inches. It weighs 1.25 ounces and comes with the regular Ultratech crystal in the grip.

– Microtech Socom Elite

This is also one of the Marifone’s early ideas, the Microtech SOCOM series, has been replicated in numerous forms throughout the years. The original SOCOM Elite Manual is still popular because to the high-performance liner lock that allows for one-handed activation. Nevertheless, given the ease of blade model the automatic SOCOM variant is by far the most popular among users.

The SOCOM Elite has a contemporary architecture with a 5-inch aluminum grip and 4-inch ceramic blades in Tanto or drop point designs that is activated by a push-button pusher. The SOCOM is somewhat heavy, weighing in at 5.4 oz.

The SOCOM is designed to respond to any condition it has a distinctive handle form with a wide finger choil and inlay handle that conforms to the curve of the hand for enhanced grip and sturdiness.


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