If you live in a tropical country, the thing called winter is unheard of since temperatures are always high and the weather is always quite warm and summery. However, in a country that experiences winter it is a whole other ball game.

Whether you are experiencing winter for the first time or are used to it plenty of times now, there are a few hacks and tricks that each person will have in order for them to get through the cold season. While warm clothes are mandatory there are a few other things that may not be so popular or common that we like to share.experiences winter.

Clean out gutters and fix any leaks

It may seem a little unrelated but this step is key when preparing for winter. During the cold season temperature plummet to all sorts of minus figures depending on where you stay. The wind is extremely cold too and that is exactly why you need to clean up your roof.

The last thing you want is your gutters and pipes clogged with leaves and fallen sticks. Fix any leaks as snow and the wind can make it worse and even bring in cold air to your home. Insulation is key for homes that experience this winter but that will not protect your house if there are ways of the cold coming in.

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Prepare your vehicle

Maintaining a vehicle during winter can be a task so it is much better to prepare for it beforehand.  Service the radiator and maintain airfreeze control. Make sure you have got your snow tires and the gas tank is always full to avoid it freezing over.

The last thing you need is dealing with a car that will not start in the cold. Another important hack is having an emergency box in your car, consisting of a portable phone or charger at least, some warm clothes and blankets to stay warm as you can never tell what could happen while on the road.

Make your home cosy

The cold can be depressing after a while so it is important to find ways to keep the moral up. This can be done by a series of small ways that provide warmth and a sense of cosiness to your room.

Stay warm by investing in a warm wool blanket that is assured to help you get some good night’s rest. If you are looking for Australian wool blankets then check out Gainsborough Home for a variety of styles and colours that fit your liking.

Eating well

A lot of energy is burnt up in order for the body to combat the cold so it is vital to keep your body always running. Eat good and nutritious meals and snack along the day if possible. Winter might be the only time eating carbs is actually promoted as helps convert to energy better. This helps improve your mood and keep you energized for longer as you go through your winter day.


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