Event planning in the current era has changed manifold. With the advent of technology, it has become fairly easy for an event planner to boost user engagement during corporate events. However, many planners still suffer when embracing technology in their workspace. According to EventsForce, close to 65% event planner face difficulty in coping up with the ever-changing world of business technology. The essence of technology and how it skyrockets the user experience helping in collecting tons of leads cannot be neglected. Therefore, organizers become more partial towards the technology in corporate events. Being a tech-savvy event planner is not about opting for the latest technologies but it is about how you leverage these latest technologies for good in your event. Here we are sharing some great tips and tricks for event planners to make their tech taste buds even savvier.

Keep up with industry news:

Event planning industry has some really great and informational platforms for sharing the latest up to dates and happenings. Savvy planners always test and share their insights on these blogs, so there is a lot much more than just how-to and 5 tips articles for any reader. Also, people share their latest adventures with recent events they have planned in recent times. Therefore, keeping up with these industry blogs and news could bring the flux of highly creative ways and the latest technologies that you can leverage in the upcoming events. Moreover, event planners can also take benefit from other’s experience with the technologies.

Embracing technologies:

While it is true that industry blogs and news portals give a plethora of information to newcomers and planners suffering from technology, the experience is the best way to test any new technology or process. Therefore, reading is not just recommended as one thing that may be bad for their audience could just skyrocket your business awareness. Therefore, all you need is to be a little more experiential with the technologies that you leverage. Technology equipment rental organizations provide a great chance to test different technologies for every type of event.

Social media:

One of the best ways to share information and the latest happenings nowadays is with the help of social media. It is a great platform to share the latest insights about your event and its happening for event planners. And almost every organizer leverages social media to its fullest. But, this is not just what you can leverage social media for. Following industry leaders and influencers could help to know the latest tech trends and happenings in the industry. Moreover, social media is booming with every type of information. The hashtag is one of the best ways to collect all information under one niche. #eventtech is the best example on Twitter.

Network with other event planners:

Another great way to foster your event technology buds is to connect with other like-minded people from the industry. You can either connect with such people by participating in networking events or can do so by following them socially or connecting personally. Fostering these industry relationships would ultimately end up in enabling you to learn different ways other industry affiliates are adopting technology in their professional space. Every meeting provides suitable information that could help you in an upcoming event.

Participate in events:

Another way to make your liking’s for the technology reach high notes is by participating in different industry events as they happen. There you can overview your competitors to find out how they are leveraging technology to engage with their customers. Similarly, you can analyze different technologies that competitors are finding a great ingredient for their event. Also, you can pour out a great working strategy from competitors and can easily break the competition by offering something more beneficial to the customers or visitors.


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