Making sure that your eCommerce store meets the needs of your customers is essential to the success of your business. If there are problems with the layout or if the navigation is confusing, the traffic you get simply won’t convert.

If you want to redesign your store properly, you may need the assistance of an eCommerce expert in order to get the kind of quality you are looking for. Below you will find important points as to why the professional touch is no longer optional if you want to give your customers a seamless shopping experience online.

What Today’s eCommerce Shoppers Are Looking For

You can’t afford to let your store come across as amateurish. There are hundreds of places online to shop at, including giants like Amazon. These stores often provide a professional experience, with easy-to-follow navigation and breadcrumbs, secure checkout, and plenty of other features. How do you expect to stack up if you don’t provide a similar, or even better level of service?

While you may think it’s impossible to create a store like this, it all comes down to the level of expertise in the agency you hire. Even though eCommerce platforms such as BigCommerce and Shopify give store owners an incredible amount of flexibility and options when it comes to styling your store how you want, these are often only basic or surface-level features.

To really provide your customers with an optimized shopping experience, you have to make sure that the design is aesthetically pleasing yet functional, and that all of the different “moving pieces” of the store work in harmony to push a customer toward a sale. Even something as simple as a distorted mobile layout is enough to cause some shoppers to bounce. These days, you have to make sure that every aspect of your website looks and feels the way it is supposed to.

Shoppers have sky-high expectations these days, set by stores like Amazon and Wal-mart. Even if you have a stellar product, if your store isn’t intuitive or functions according to expectations, you can’t expect much success. An eCommerce expert will not only be able to point out these flaws in your website, but will be able to provide powerful solutions that will actually make an impact on customer behavior.

The Right Team of eCommerce Experts For Your Design Project

Designing an eCommerce store is no small feat. It may seem simple enough with the pre-made templates and out-of-the-box solutions that so many platforms provide these days, but a professional design typically includes much more. You can’t expect a professional feel from a free template, after all.

The proper eCommerce agency will be able to identify what your issues are and design you a website that will not only look amazing, but function much better as well. Unfortunately, not every web design agency out there is capable of pulling this off. In order to make sure that your online store functions properly, you need to hire an agency that specializes in eCommerce platforms and knows how to build around the behaviors of online shoppers.

For a website that will outperform your competition, you need a team like 1Digital®. They routinely design and develop eCommerce websites on a wide range of platforms, in every industry you can imagine. They are eCommerce experts that understand what shoppers are looking for, and with a strong digital marketing background as well, they will be able to get your site recognized once it’s live.

Get in touch with the experts at 1Digital® today and breathe new life into your website.


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