Every system aims to achieve a state of balance where it can function, be efficient, and generate production at minimal cost, whether it be a machine or an organizational system made up of human workforce, the aim stays the same.

This concept on systems applies to businesses as well. No matter how big a small a business is it can always be considered as a system because it is made up of interrelated parts that functions for a purpose and an aim. But what are the factors that ultimately affects a company’s productivity towards its goals? Here is simplified list on that matter.

Work Environment

Always put in mind that the workplace has a very big impact on how people function at work. To state the idea on how important it is, a Japanese researcher once placed two plants in a school. The other plant is spewed curse words and verbally abused on daily basis while the other is kept in a good spot where it is nurtured.

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The outcome of the experiment was that the abused plant withered while the other grew and bloomed. It goes without saying that human capacity to perform, just like the plants, are greatly affected by the factors surrounding it. So, the workplace must be a place of growth and not abuse.

Employee Wellbeing

Another factor that plays well with the company’s goals is the employee’s wellbeing. It must be noted that the workforce is one of the most important lifeblood of the company, without such the company would cease to operate or it could operate but not in a capacity that it can fulfil quotas and target.

Therefore, the employee’s wellbeing is very important, that it should be maintained positively well and healthy so that the workforce will not suffer. As they said the weakest link in a chain dictates how strong a chain can be. Corporate health management can greatly help with maintaining employee wellbeing.

Work Culture

Before an employee enters and joins a company, they must also specifically ask what type of work culture they nurture in the place and if this culture is a great match to an individual’s work ethic and values. Now it must be noted that in a time of financial difficulty and fluctuating economy one should not be picky in terms of work, but it should also be noted that it matters significantly if one can work and effectively function in a place where they belong or not.

Salary and Benefits

Salary greatly affects the productivity of the company’s workforce. Take for example, if you have more than half of your workforce disgruntled by the way their salary is given, it would not be rocket science to assume that these people carry their frustration with them as they go to work and these negative feelings towards the company will eventually affect the individual performance of the employee then up to the collective output of the department, then the negative loop goes on and on until that factors at play are too complex and the company must sadly reorganize because of such issues and problems that are not dealt with early on.

Handling a company is not an easy feat to do but with the right mindset and vision one can both take care of their employee at the same time meet the goals of the company.


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