Are You Planning A Business Pitch That Could Make or Break You?

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Are you in that part of the season where you are prepping for a business pitch? Read on for some practical advice we could offer to help calm the nerves and ensure you smooth sail at your pitch by being confident and speaking in the right tonality!

Study your competitors

You’ve probably done this already but whichever field you are in the business world, your competitors’ matter, Not in all cases but most. We suggest you research your competitors’ work, even the failed products and the ones that are no longer available.

This would help you gauge how you could fix your service or product in the relevant market; you could avoid many mistakes by studying your competition.

Case study on your competitors

After you have studied your rivals, summarize them onto your pitch based on the type of service or product you are pitching. You could mention in detail or brief, it depends on your service or product.

It would help if you have numbers and analysis in a chart.

Importance of your product or service

It is vital that you stress the importance and impact your product or service would make in the field you want to get it across to.

This could only happen if you do your research by interviewing people, data analysis, trial and error if you may and lastly studying your competitors as mentioned earlier. How would your product or service change society or help them is what you need to highlight in your pitch?

Communicating with confidence

After you have done your research, it’s time you practice with an audience or yourself. Whichever works for you, this starts from the speech and tone of your voice. If your pitch is to make or break you, you could go with a scripted sheet just to be sure.

Your confidence through research and your tone of speech matter immensely, however so does your attire. It helps with boosting your confidence and helping you look professional. Check out tailor made suits Sydney to get the extra confidence you are looking for to perfect your all-rounded pitch!

tailor made suits sydney
Image Source: Unsplash

Timing yourself

Pitch times could vary depending on how much time you have been given, if the pitch is of length 20-30 minutes would give you the most time to run through all of the information in depth. Try to keep it to 30 minutes.

You could test yourself with your mobile device before-hand!

if the pitch is short, make it as interactive as you could and stick to the limit of 15 minutes. This type of pitch is less in depth, again it depends on your service and product.

Calming your nerves

As much as we’ve given you pointers that you know are key, we recommend you take some time before the pitch to relax and calm your nerves. Going for a walk, swim, fit class or the gym could give you that boost you are looking for.

We would not recommend spa days before the pitch as it would make you sleepy, however it depends on if you have tried it before.

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