Kevin David is the young entrepreneur who is standing as an inspiration for many budding entrepreneurs in the world. He has achieved a lot of success in the very young age starting his entrepreneurship at the age of 14. He is the brain who is behind many courses that are available on Amazon. Few of the courses that are prepared by him include Shopify Ninja, Amazon FBA Ninja, and Facebook Ads Ninja and many other courses. He is donning the hat as the CEO of ThatLifestyleNinja. He is a million dollar entrepreneur who attained a lot of success in the eCommerce world.

Early life

He has grown up in the suburbs of Europe and is an avid lover and player of soccer. The passion for sports made him to learn a lot of life lessons about competition, dedication and hard work. He always had a dream of becoming an entrepreneur. In the very young age, he stepped into the world of entrepreneurship where he sold baseball cards and candies. Later, he started to develop gaming applications and websites and tried various ways to monetize using Amazon Affiliate program and using Google Ad sense program. 


After receiving a graduation degree from Oregon State Honors College, he started to work as an Accountant with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, which is a famous accounting firm that is located in Oregon. Though, he is very talented, but he never liked to do the 8 hours of tedious job every day. He though that there is lot more beyond the enclosed cubicle that would transform the online marketing space. 

Later, he quit this job and worked as a Privacy consultant with Facebook in California. Though, he was earning decent part with extravagant perks, but he never wanted to work for anyone else. This was time when he tried various sources to earn money online. One day he got to learn about Amazon FBA and launched the first product of his in Amazon. Today, he is the well-known entrepreneur across the globe and many of the articles featuring him are posted on Forbes. This young entrepreneur has built his fortune with the help of Amazon FBA systems. He started his own company to bid adieu to the 9 to 5 corporate slavery. 

David has many followers and subscribers on various social media sites. There are many people who are taking the path of starting their own business after going through his courses. He is helping many to become financially free. There are many courses that are sold on Amazon such as Zon Ninja Master Class, click funnels master class, Shopify Ninja Master class, Facebook ads Ninja Master Class and the latest one is the digital course secrets. The Kevin David’s Amazon course is the one that made him a millionaire. Ever since then, this young champ never looked back in making a hefty amount of money in marketing. In the starting phase of Amazon FBA, he earned around 1000 dollars and later earned the profit of around 2.1 million dollars in a year. 

There are many YouTube videos that are released by this person on how to earn money online, live healthy and stay motivated. There are many students who are attending his training and are weaving success stories globally. He used Amazon FBA business to earn millions of dollars and is helping many other business people to earn profits online. The courses that are prepared by him have earned ‘2 comma club award’. As of 2019, the net worth of this champ is $382,547 per month. 

Few of the courses that helped him earn a lot of success and money includes:

Kevin David Amazon FBA – Zon Ninja Masterclass:

This course will let you to go through how David has succeeded in the eCommerce business. There are many people who have attained success by quitting the job and taking up the new online businesses. The course cover the ways to find right products that you can sell; how to rank the products to come first in the search results and how to cut down costs to boost profits. 

Kevin David’s Facebook Ads Ninja Course:

This is the course that would teach students to create quick target ads for a specific group or demographics on Facebook. There are a few tactics in the course that covers the ways to improve conversion rates.

Kevin David’s Shopify Course:

This course has all the secrets of David that raised him to fame and helped him earn a huge amount of money and outline how he started Shopify. He also listed out the plugins and systems that a Shopify owner should posses.

You can also get free from the corporate slavery by starting a new job taking the tips from his online courses. 

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