The last digits have finally changed from 2018 to 2019. The New Year has arrived and its seriously time to make some changes. Yeah, because New Year not only brings resolutions with it but also cold weather. And, not only demands better immunity for health but also good care of your skin.

The cold breeze in the winter tends to make your skin dry. Dry skin can be a reason of acne and a lot of other imperfections on your skin. If your skin is dry naturally then winter’s can be the worse time for you. Although, there is a lot you can do to protect yourself from the harshness of nature.

If your Question is what can be done? Then my answer would be Ulta Products. Ulta Beauty Inc. formerly known as Ulta Salon, Cosmetic & Fragrances Inc. is a company which has various Skincare and Cosmetics for you. Also, the website has great Ulta Promo Code that can help you save some money in your purchase.It has everything that your skin might ask for. The website is one destination to find products to keep your skin glowing and healthy.


Cleanser can be an essential product to keep your skin healthy and clean. If you are a girl then wearing makeup on a daily basis is crucial. Why? Because you got to look the best of yourself and be as much presentable as possible. Also, if you are a guy(this applies to girls also), you tend to accumulate a lot of dirt or gunk over your face. This dirt or gunk can cause skin infection and takes away the natural glow of your skin. What can be done? Well, cleanse it well.

Cleansers are specifically made to clean up all that dirt or gunk and the pollution that you accumulate over day. Cleansers are mostly used to clean the makeup and can be very effective with clogged pores. Cleansers restores the breathing capability of your skin and make it naturally fresh again. Ulta has a wide range of cleansers that you can purchase and keep your skin afresh.


It can be summer or winters, moisturization of skin is essential as quoted by various dermatologists. Although, for people who have dry skin it is collateral to moisturize. Unmoisturized skin in winter can become very flaky and can lead to irritation with various allergies. The breeze during the winter makes your skin drier that leads to clogged pores which leads to acne. Also, dry winter tends to get pimples and skin issues like eczema and many other.

Moisturizing restores the oil that the skin is not able to generate during the time of winter. The oil that I am talking about is necessary to keep your skin flexible. Moisturizing your skin balances the collagen of your skin. Collagen is a natural protein that keeps your skin young and great. You can checkout great moisturizer on and get the best product as per your skin type.

Treatments & Serum

Well, We have told you about how to take care of your skin but what to do when it gets damaged in the harshness of winter. The skin on the face is thinnest in comparison to other part of the body. Therefore, getting it in damaged condition is very easy but there are things that can be done to rejuvenate it. If you are thinking exactly that then there can be a couple of options like Facial Peels, Face Mask, Serum etc.

Also, since I have also talked about how winters can aggravate acne over your face, you got that solutions for that too. Ulta is full of acne treatment kits that can heal that uptight zit over your face. You can also cure the blemishes over your face. Especially women who are in their 40s or more tend to hit the crisis. Ulta has everything to cure that you need in order to keep your skin away from all those issues.


Has anyone ever told you that Sun affects you the most during winters? Well, as mentioned before skin becomes very responsive to the outer climate during winter. During winter skin becomes thinner and more irritated as the outer layer dries out. This irritated skin when comes in contact with the harmful radiations of the sun can lead to redness.

Although, if taken ample good skincare then your skin will remain as glowing as it is during your best days. The most common product for suncare is a sunscreen. A sunscreen doesn’t let the harmful radiation to penetrate the skin. Most of the time a sunscreen is as effective as its SPF value. If we would have been living in equator then an SPF 45+ might have been recommended although for our climate in winter SPF 25+ is enough. Ulta has a wide range of sunscreen that can be purchased as per your needs.

Additional Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Winter

  • Wash your place with lukewarm Water. It is most comfortable to wash your face with warm water however it rips your face of its natural oils so avoid doing that.
  • Moisturise your skin just after washing your face. Skin after washing is damp therefore applying moisturiser just after that helps seal that dampness.
  • Use the moisturiser as per your skin type. If your skin is oily then you can go for a light moisturiser however if it is dry naturally go for a thick one.
  • Protect your skin using a scarf or anything that covers your face. The air during winter is cold and makes your skin dry.
  • Use a decent sunscreen to protect it from the harmful radiations of the sun.
  • Drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Exfoliate your skin every once in a while. Exfoliating your skin remove the dead skin cells from your skin.
  • Perform a full patch your test on your skin before using any product on your body test. Some products can lead to allergies and can be toxic for your skin.
  • Consume fruits and vegetables to make sure your vitamin C and Omega-3 are sorted.
  • Try using cleansers that are not hard on your skin for instance some people’s skin do not respond well to glycolic acid or salicylic acid based cleansers.


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