Some people may think Jeep accessories and wheels are actually just an eye candy. Put on the Jeep something shining just like person wears fancy dresses. But it is not always the case. Yet, it cannot be denied that rims are the part of Jeep catches the eyes of other first. To sustain the eye-catchy design and performance with durability, you need to think on another level. 4whealparts offers a better performance for having a great Off-road experience and better handling along with fuel economy in your On-road activities.

But you still may be thinking what to choose and how to know what fits well and perfectly? Yes, these are the most asked questions and certainly relevant. There are ways to be wiser about you jeep wheals and accessories. Let’s deep dig into them, you will explore on your own.

Material of Jeep Wheals

If we talk about Jeep wheal it is basically boiled down in two categories. Number one, Steel and secondly it is alloy. And they have complete different nature and usage. Steel is preferable, rather made for those who want Off-road performance. The rims are heavier, durable and more uniform than the alloy made rims. They can make the Off-road pounding loudly and come back without getting tired. The steel rims are easily repairable as you can hammer it back into place.

Well! Now look at the alloy rims. If you looking for On-road comfortable journey without pressurizing your vehicle, it will be the most right one. Alloy rims are made of Aluminum, Magnesium and such materials more times lighter than steel. The alloy rims makes the daily crown journey easier and comfortable. The lighter weight of rims makes the Jeep to start and stop easily thus making handling and fuel economy better. Anyway, almost all the alloy rims are more expensive than Steel rims as the manufacturing cost of such rims is high. And it is less durable than its counterpart steel rims.

Bolt Pattern

Bolt is something that helps mounting the Wheel rims to the wheel hub. And every Jeep rims have a certain pattern of bolt pattern. For the example, most of them are either 5*4.5 or 5*5. And this means it is 5 lug wheels. Where lugs are parted uniformly on a circle and that is 5 or 4.5 inches. However 4whealparts offers you a handy guide to make you sure about the bolt pattern of your vehicle.

Size and Width of the Rim

It is important to match the rim with particular tire. You can easily do it by matching the diameter with the width recommendations of manufacturer. For the Safety, we certainly suggest you to go through the guidelines of the manufacturer and choose your wheel width. No matter what is your wheel width size, you can still install the Jeep’s tier Pressure monitoring system.

All-Terrain Wheels and Tires

These tires are commonly the standard one for Jeep Wranglers and Other SUV and trucks. This type of tires are made for mainly paved road but still all terrain wheels and tires provide good traction during adverse weather condition. The kind of tire generally has a channeled tread pattern mostly found on sedan vehicles. It makes the tires efficient to channel out and disperse the water out of the treads.

It is important to know that all terrain wheels and tires are slightly different from traditional road tires found in most vehicles. It has larger tread blocks and spacing. This actually results in slightly bouncing and oscillating the tire caused by the wheel imbalance or bad suspension.

The larger treads feature of all terrain wheel and tires have advantage when it is on sand, snow or light off-road terrain. As it is a mostly on-road and paved way choice, it give better fuel economy.

However of most of the time your vehicle is on muddy terrain then all terrain wheels and tires are not the best choice for you.

Bead Locks

This is only recommendable and perfect for the extreme Off-road runs lowering the tire pressure while trail riding. The divers of this kind sometimes find beadlocks to be necessary to skip rolling the tire off rim.

It is a great way to boast and highly recommendable for the Off-road performance. But for the on-road usage it is not the right thing. Because, most of the beadlocks are heavier and harder to balance compared to standard wheel. Most importantly, they can sometime even fail at the higher speed. If you are very skilful this failure may happen. But if are like most people, it is recommended to use steel and alloy.

Here at 4wheelparts we provide an unmatched choice of quality Jeep wheels and accessories from various popular brands like BFGoodrich, Mickey Thompson, Toyo, Michelin and Goodyear. Whenever you want to startle your neighbor with great looking rims or amaze your fiend during the trail ride, we are here to make this happen.


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