Before you hit the street again with your Suzuki SV650, why not get it geared up with some aftermarket parts? Riding is as much as a lifestyle as it is a way of getting around. It can be an even more meaningful and rewarding experience when you have geared up your bike perfectly. Below is some guidance of picking the best Suzuki SV650 aftermarket parts and accessories.

Performance Modifications

Street bikes are made to go fast. So, the obvious starting point for any Suzuki SV650 project is some aftermarket performance mods. You likely want to make a little more power with your bike while also getting perfect control for carving up some corners.

First, get a K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filter. Your air intake should always be the starting point for performance upgrades. It is one of the easiest modifications to make and can result in an immediate upgrade in power. High-flow filters let more air into the engine so your bike can produce more horsepower. K&N filters are also washable, so you don’t need to worry about buying replacements.

Of course, power isn’t the only part of performance. Control is equally essential for setting new track records. Get some EBC Standard Brake Rotors. They are more heat-resistant than OEM rotors meaning less fade and better braking. They are also drilled to be as lightweight as possible.

Pair some EBC Sintered Double H Brake Pads with those rotors. These pads get their name because they are H-rated, the highest friction rating, when hot and cold. That means no brake fade and superior performance all day.

For faster and smoother shifts, grab the Rekluse Torq-Drive Clutch pack. This clutch upgrade helps eliminate clutch fade, letting you ride for longer with top-notch performance. It also offers superior friction for better power delivery throughout the power band.

Great Accessories

Once you have your bike’s performance needs sorted, it is time to get the right accessories and cheap motorcycle riding gear. Street bikes are great for fun riding but not always the most practical. Nelson Rigg Mini Expandable Sport Saddlebags can offer you the option of more storage without sacrificing the streamlined performance of your Suzuki SV650.

Another great option is the Ogio No Drag Mach 3 Backpack. It is a low-profile, aerodynamic backpack that will give you the storage you need without getting in the way.

If you are like most people in today’s society, you like having your phone handy all the time. The Ram Mount Ram Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Cradle is an easy way to mount any cellphone to your bike. It offers the convenience and security you need when riding.

Get Started

One of the best parts of aftermarket parts and accessories is that they let you customize your bike to be exactly what you want it to be. Whether you are looking for performance modification or just the best motorcycle helmets, you can get more out of your Suzuki SV650 with just a few simple changes. Check out some of the available aftermarket parts and start your project today.


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