If the car is in good technical condition, small flaws make it difficult to sell. However, we’ll show you what you can achieve with your own car refinishing resources.

Major damage caused by accidents has a negative effect on the value of your car. The scratches, dents and holes caused by rust eat away at the exterior and make the car less attractive. Auto repair is extremely important for your own safety. Visit auto repair mechanics to get car touch-up services. 

Car touch-up: Act quickly and save

Treatment as soon as the problem appears is the best remedy for bumps, scratches and holes caused by rust. Delaying a repair will only spread the damage.

  • This is especially true when it comes to rust: once the bare metal has been hit, nothing can stop destructive corrosion except welding equipment to save the car.
  • Although this does not apply to scratches and dents, a “habituation effect” can occur: once you get used to the first scratch, as the owner you may not see the second, the second. third, fourth, etc 
  • Add a few bumps, a little star on the windshield, or a dull headlight protector and your car aren’t worth much.
  • Regular inspection for this type of emerging damage is essential on a car of a certain age, and this is the best way to keep its value at an acceptable level and to enjoy your car until it is sold … without being ashamed of its condition.

What is possible and what is not for car refinishing

A car touch-up is the repair of minor damage to the body. Instead of sanding, grinding and painting the entire metal shell, a touch-up allows you to work directly on the problem spots. With a little luck and some dexterity, you can fix the bumps on your own.

When it comes to painting, you will be more comfortable with the help of a professional. You can do much of the preliminary work yourself on scratches and rust spots, making professional finishing work considerably less expensive.

This work becomes difficult for a beginner when know-how is necessary, in the case of painting or welding for example.

So, first of all: The use of welding equipment is only for experienced people and use without the necessary training can cause serious damage to your car. You also run the risk of hurting yourself or those around you if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Metal massage: patience and tools

A dent in the metal is annoying, but not catastrophic. The car refinishing industry is growing rapidly and there are many interesting products offered in the market. These once terribly expensive products are now considerably cheaper.

Repairing dents is done by returning the metal to its original shape. Since the dent is the result of external pressure, it must be capable of being repaired by the application of an opposing external force.

Here’s why: Just removing the inner panel and hitting with a hammer from inside the dent will only make the problem worse. Repair kits containing suction cups are available for professionals and hobbyist repairers.

The procedure is very simple, you have to go from the largest to the smallest.

The suction force of the larger size suction cup allows the first step of the repair to be carried out, but unfortunately, the dent will rarely straighten out immediately.

  • The repair kit, therefore, contains several suction cups of different sizes. For smaller suction cups, the tensile force of the boss will be too great to straighten the boss with a simple suction.
  • Small rubber is therefore attached to the bump using a special glue. A groove is created in the center of the dent during the repair procedure. The rubbers are equipped with an oblong notch which allows them to attach to the groove.
  • The supplied inertia extractor is then used before removing the glue without leaving a trace after the repair has been carried out. You arrive at the desired result, step by step.

The repair kit contains pushing tools for cases in which the suction is found to be insufficient. The long push rod allows the groove to be neatly flattened from either side.

Repairing a dent on a plastic bumper is much easier. Pouring hot water over the dent will often be enough to fix it. With a little luck and pulling tools, the flexible plastic will return to its original shape.


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