Different types of Off-Road tires

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What are the off-road tires?

Different tire types fulfil different purposes. If you are to travel somewhere, to reach there you’ve to take the roadway off-trail, bumpy or uneven, off-road tires will work best for you. Off-road tires are specially designed for off-road journeys like driving into the forest, on the construction site, in snow, muddy areas or on any other uneven surface.

The tread pattern of off-road tires is distinctively designed. The grooves between the tread blocks are broader. The larger lugs in the aggressive tread patterns make it ideal for off-highway trails offering extraordinary road grip and puncture resistance.

Because the rubber compound that has been used in the production of off-road tires is softer, works best and gives a high performance on all kinds of surfaces and trails, off-road tires wear quickly comparably to other tire types.

For off-road tires, 40,000 to 70,000 mileage is promised by most tire brands.

If you are planning to travel somewhere off-road and you are a little confused about what tire type will best suit your car and the road you’re driving on, keep reading. Below I’ve gathered information about different types of off-road tires with different tread patterns and distinctive capabilities.

All Terrain

If you had planned to travel somewhere off-road and on-road for example you have to drive in the city for any purpose and then later that day you have to travel somewhere distant maybe to a construction site near a highway then all-terrain tire type is for you. The tread pattern for all-terrain tires is designed with an interlocking feature that provides comfort when it is driven on dirt, in the forest, on mud or gravel.

The journey with all-terrain tires is quiet and comfortable on paved roads but they are not as same as all-season tires.

Mud Terrain

Mud Terrain tires are specifically made to drive them on muddy surfaces. If you’ve to travel somewhere off-road where it has heavy rainfall or in a wet deserted area, mud terrains work best. The tread patterns of mud terrain tires are designed very distinctively with tougher sidewalls absorbing the impact of rocks and resisting the damage from the bumpy, uneven and muddy surfaces. Mud tires are the best-rated SUV tires, especially for off-road. They come with aggressive tread patterns and give super amazing grip if used on wet snow or mud.

Snow tires

Snow tires, as the name suggests are ideal to use in heavy snowfall. Their tread pattern is designed so smartly with a series of sipes, tiny grooves and channels offering the best results if dug into wet snow and ice. Snow tires improve traction when driving on slippery surfaces.

Snow tires are an amazing type for regions where the conditions are predominantly ice and snow. Fit your wheels with a set of dedicated snow tires and you won’t regret it. These tires will stay soft and pliant even when the temperature is sub-zero.

Things to Take Care While driving Off-Road

Go nice and easy:

Going slow and easy is the one benefit that you will do to yourself when travelling off-road. Rushing towards your destination or travelling at speed is never a good option. Your SUV will be the only thing that will save you from annoying, sticky situations. Have some patience and travel slow. You might reach sooner to your destination comparably those who prefer to charge ahead.

Buckle and Tie

Now here’s another thing that you need to take care of while driving off-road. Driving with an SUV, secure everything. Buckle up the passengers that are sitting with you. Tie up the things that you’re carrying in your SUV. Your SUV, on the off-road, tends to experience a lot of different angles and roads and this way, the things you’re carrying in your SUV can fly around if not tied properly. It is always suggested to buckle up and tie while driving off-road.

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