About 94 percent of all traffic accidents are caused by a human error, while the rest comes from either vehicle malfunction or an unexpected effect of road conditions on your vehicle. Still, regardless of the cause of the accident, the end result is always ugly. Even in the best-case scenario where you get out of the accident without a scratch, there will be at least some damage to the car. Now, keep in mind that the conditions of the accident may determine which area gets damaged. Nonetheless, here are the five most common car body parts that get damaged in accidents.

1. Front and rear bumpers

Provided that you’re colliding with the other vehicle with the front end of your car, chances are that your front bumper will get damaged. Nevertheless, the sole purpose of this inexpensive part that’s sticking out at the front is to mitigate the impact of the collision, putting some more space between the driver and the other vehicle. Still, a bumper can be scratched or damaged even unintentionally, when trying to squeeze yourself into a tight spot without having full awareness of how much available space you’ve got. All in all, the front bumper is probably the first thing that gets damaged. Fortunately, it’s relatively easy to find a reliable bumper repair specialist to help you out.

The same thing applies to the rear bumper, especially in a scenario in which you are rear-ended. Now, in the majority of scenarios, you’re getting rear-ended as a result of someone else’s faulty driving. You see, even if you are forced to brake all of a sudden, it is the responsibility of the person behind you to keep a safe distance. In fact, the majority of rear bumper damage happens due to the fact that the person behind you tailgated.

2. Front and rear doors

Now, there are two scenarios in which your doors are likely to get damaged. The first one is a nightmarish scenario in which your vehicle gets struck from the side. The reason why this is so dangerous is due to the fact that this area of your car’s body doesn’t provide you with too much protection. Moreover, the same as you can scratch your front bumper by not being careful enough while driving, you can also scratch its side by overestimating the amount of width that your car has. All in all, this is a relatively inexpensive, yet inconvenient way of damaging your car.

3. Hood

The next common car body part that gets damaged in an accident is the hood. First of all, it can crumble due to a collision but there are also other ways in which it could get damaged. For instance, a falling object may also damage the hood but there are also various atmospheric occurrences like a hailstorm, etc. In some scenarios, the hood will not be wrinkled but only have a hard time having its latch closed properly. In this scenario, it may pop off during the next accident, thus restricting your view or completely exposing the insides of your vehicle. This is why inspecting and fixing it needs to become a top priority.

4. Trunk lid

Like the hood, your car’s trunk lid could get damaged, as well. The reasons for this type of damage are similar to the ones with the hood, the biggest difference being the fact that the damage is affecting the rear end of your vehicle. Keep in mind that the trunk lid is designed to sustain any collision damage, which is why a scenario where the lid pops after an impact might be an alarming one.

5. Grille

Keep in mind that any significant damage that befalls the front end of your car (like the front bumper, etc.) might also damage the grille as well. You see, the function of the grille is to ensure good airflow, which makes it essential for the functionality of your car. Other than this, you need to bear in mind that this part is quite resilient but it definitely can be damaged.


Sure, ideally, you would avoid collisions at all costs, seeing as how these repairs are often quite expensive. However, keep in mind that if the damage stays restricted to the body of the car and the remainder of the car (with you and your passengers in it) are safe, you can consider yourself quite lucky. Keep in mind that it’s the main role of the car body parts to keep you safe and sound at all times. Therefore, keeping them in prime condition is an investment in your own safety.


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