In order to participate in a road trip or to go have fun on the circuit, it can very quickly become necessary to transport or have your motorcycle transported… especially if it is an off-road model or not approved for the road. Aware of this, the liberty team gives you its 4 wise tips for safe motorcycle transport!

Motorcycle transport by motor-train

In our opinion, having your traveling companion transported by motor train is the best solution. Overnight, your beauty is delivered safely to her destination, whether you have traveled with her or not.

In this regard, we are your best ally… but only if your route is served. Because only about fifteen circuits are offered, especially in the south of France.

You can travel with your loved ones and make your beauty travel on her own, like a grown-up. After just one or two days, you will find her at your destination, where you are on vacation or ready to participate in a circuit session.

The motorcycle must not exceed 2m50 in width, nor 1m55 in length. The ground clearance being for its part located at 0.1m minimum. If you own a quad, it can also be part of the trip.

The means of transport by moto-train is popular for its simplicity and efficiency. It will also allow you to make substantial savings on the transport of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle transport by towing

For motorcycle transport, towing also remains an interesting alternative. So, if you want to take care of the transport of your bike yourself, get a rail or flatbed motorcycle trailer. The trailer rental services are available for this purpose.

Note all the same that, just like the van models and the models with a low tilting frame, the flatbed motorcycle trailer is particularly suitable for transporting large-displacement motorcycles.

On the other hand, for the transport of small displacement, the rail motorcycle trailer is to be preferred. It can hold up to three motorcycles.

The trailers are all equipped with a jockey wheel for parking. If you use a motorcycle trailer rental service, make sure that this device is provided with:

  • Rails (1 to 3)
  • Lashing hooks
  • An axle with rubber suspension
  • A climb ramp
  • A lock and a spare wheel would be a plus. Finally, don’t forget to get some straps. The ratchet straps with hooks are a little tricky to learn but particularly effective.

How to load a motorcycle on a trailer?

Loading a motorcycle onto a trailer can be laborious when you’re not used to it. It requires a certain balance. We are not going to lie to each other, it is recommended to be two, in order to maintain the bike as well as possible, without risk of tipping.

With great care, follow these steps:

  • Start the engine of your motorcycle and drive it to the safety ramp.
  • Get your motorcycle onto the trailer, playing with your brake and accelerator to hold it.
  • Set up your motorcycle on the rail (s).
  • Switch off the engine of your motorcycle.
  • Strap your motorcycle by fixing the straps in strategic places (triple trees, footrests, handlebars, etc.).

Provide old tea towels to avoid the points of support between the buckles of your straps and the body of your motorcycle or to limit friction between 2 motorcycles.

The objective is to crush the suspensions of your motorcycle as much as possible. This will prevent the straps from a slackening in the event of a jerk during the journey. You can therefore go there on the tension of the tie-down straps: it will never be too tight. However, be careful to distribute the tension between the right side and the left side of your motorcycle and between the front and the rear of the vehicle!

Motorcycle transport by air

If you have decided to go and settle thousands of kilometers away, you can easily be accompanied by your beauty. Although not very common, it is possible to take your two-wheeler motor by plane. In case the plane does not have motorcycle rails, you “just need” to put your traveling companion in the crate. As you doubt well, it is one of the most expensive means of motorcycle transport. But speed and security are essential. According to the site, transporting a motorcycle from Roissy-CDG to New York costs around € 850.

Motorcycle transport by van

To make your motorcycle travel by road, renting a van (if you don’t have one) is a good plan. Especially on long journeys. With its hermetic storage space, this utility vehicle offers several practical advantages. As in a cozy nest, your beauty is sheltered from possible bad weather, enjoying a certain comfort and protection. 

Depending on its size, a van can contain more than one motorcycle and even be used to transport other accessories such as wetsuits, helmets and spare tires. For a departure on vacation, all or part of the luggage can also take refuge there. It’s up to you to find the transporter of your choice!

You are now ready for motorcycle transport. Do not hesitate to share your experience with us. The biker community thanks you in advance!


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