Metacafe is a website, where the users can share all sorts of the media and videos with the other users of the community. It is one of the largest online video presenters in the world. Metacafe has 16 million exclusive viewers with it, who watch more than 400 million of the videos on its platform on a monthly basis.

Metacafe is managed by its parent company that is Metacafe.Inc. The headquarter of the Metacafe is situated in San Francisco, California, USA. Apart from its head office, it is also having its additional office in Tel-Aviv, Israel. In fact, the Metacafe was founded by the Israeli entrepreneurs Eyal Hertzog and Arik Czerniak.

What Metacafe actually does?

At its users share thousands of the videos during a day. Metacafe is a unique website where high-quality content is hosted and made available accurately to its users on the basis of very efficient tools like filtration and sorting. Metacafe’s website is especially for the users who are truly addicted to the videos. They can download the end number of videos and clips without any kind of the interruption.

The media contents shared at Metacafe include Amazing clips, rare movies, Internet videos, user-generated videos, humour videos and viral ads with sports and news-related media. Metacafe also shares the other items such as flash games and sound clips. At Metacafe, more than four fifty (450) million of the videos are made available to its users on a monthly basis. It has over 2 million registered visitors and more than 120 million guest visitors each month.

The viewers at Metacafe can watch any video, rate it, download it via 9apps download and share it with their friends by various modes including email. The ratings are given by the users on each and every video are stored by the backend and Metacafe shows the updated statistics to its users.

On the basis of these ratings, various rankings are given to the videos such as most watched, most viewed, most recent, most discussed and highest rank etc. Not limited to all these, the website also shares the list of the top uploaders and the top producers. There is a very strong anti-duplication algorithm tool, which removes the duplicate videos.

The Reward Scheme

In the year 2006, made the announcement of its exclusive Producer Rewards program under which the uploaders and the producers are paid for the original videos shared by them on Metacafe’s platform. If the video so shared by the user under this reward program, gets a rating of 3.00 or more then Metacafe pays $ 5 for every 1,000 views for that particular video, but only after the first twenty thousand views.

In the very first two months of the introduction of this reward scheme, the company has paid more than $ 10,000 each to the top five producers, the top-paid producer had received around $ 27,000. In the few months, the top producer on has earned even more than $ 62000.

However, the videos so shared under the reward scheme must not infringe on any copyright.  Due to severe impact on the company’s profitability, the reward program was curtailed by the Metacafe at the later stage. The Metacafe’s team is planning to add more advanced search functionalities and additional subscription tools very shortly.

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