Zedge is an incredible application to download ringtones and wallpapers and more than 350 million times this application has been downloaded. Thus, there is no question about the satisfaction of the customers using this app. However, after the removal of the app from the Google Play Store last year for a short while, people are frequently asking the question, “ Is Zedge harmful ?” Although Google Play Store claimed that there was certain malware in the application, the developers of the app responded after the incident that due to some bugs the app was removed from the play store for a while and they were making their efforts to ensure the elimination of the bugs. When you are hesitating to download the app, this article will discuss on should you use Zedge app or not.

About the Zedge App:

In 2003, Kenneth Sundnes, Tom Arnøy, and Paul Shaw founded this app in Norway. You can find this app in the google play store, Android, and iOS and this is a legal application. This app allows the user to download wallpaper, themes, and ringtones from its store. Due to the diverse offers, a significant number of people loved this application. The interface and the services of the app are also very attractive to gain the attention of the users. Therefore, there is no such thing that the users can be unhappy with this app. However, when it comes to safety and security regarding sensitive personal information, the question might appear whether is Zedge harmful to use.

Is Zedge Harmful?

            This app is user-friendly for plenty of features and the users can feel the ease of using the app. However, people might wonder ‘Is Zege harmful’ as they found that their loved application has been removed from the google play store. While the actual reason for the removal of the app is unknown, the possible reason can be the detection of the malware that the google play store found through its security filters. Some people also complained that Zedge works as a spyware. After the developers of the application came forward and stated through Twitter that the app was removed due to some bugs in the application. The developers also assured us that they were working towards fixing the bugs and the app will come back very soon.

Safety Measures:

            After the incident, people are frequently asking the question, “Should We Use Zedge App or Not?”. When you are seeking an answer, it is important to understand that a sufficient amount of time has passed after the incident and the developers have already made effective steps to solve the problem. However, while we are surrounded by a technological environment, this article suggests you take some precautions at your personal level such as-

  • You need to be very careful while sharing any sensitive information. You should also try not to share personal information with strangers.
  • If you receive an email or other types of messages from strangers, you should not download any files from the strangers as the files may contain malware or viruses.
  • Always try to download the app from the play store. You should not download the app from a third-party application. Downloading the app from unreliable sources can infect your smartphone or other devices.

Return of the Zedge App on Play Store:

            Although the removal of the app occurred for a while, you can now easily download the app from the google play store. You can also download the app from iOS. If you download the application from these stores, you may not find any problem and there will be no risk of getting infected by the bugs. So don’t worry to download the app and taking the opportunity to personalize your phone through funny ringtones and HD wallpapers.

            The app provides you with millions of stickers, free wallpapers, video backgrounds, ringtones, notification sound, and alarm sounds. You can modify your smartphone through these features. If you download this high personalization app now from the play store, you can see that the app consists of –

i) Wallpapers: Fancy wallpapers, HD and 4D wallpapers with cool filters and stickers

to use for lock screen and home screen.
ii) Video Wallpapers: Cool video effect and large video wallpaper for your home screen.

iii) Ringtones: Free ringtones with the largest library allows to set for individual contacts.

iv) Alarm and Notification Sounds: A huge option for you to set alarm tones, notification or alert tones, and funny tones.

v) Stickers: A numerous amount of stickers to use for the wallpapers and to share through social media and messaging apps.

vi) Favorite and Save: You can receive notifications for holidays and occasions through notifications and set ringtones for the holiday wallpapers. You can set ringtones and wallpapers as favorites.

Final Decision: Should We Use Zedge App or Not?

             You have already understood what facilities the app provides and what is the issue regarding the app. The main question is regarding the bugs. It has been claimed that as the company allowed third-party ads for revenue generation, this can be the reason for your concern. If you don’t download the app from third-party sources, then you may not have to think about the bugs or malware. The app also demands some permissions, for instance, the permission of contacts, system setting, and location, but these are all optional and if you want to apply ringtones, then you have to give permission to the app. However, you need to give permission for your storage, photos, media, and files. The company promises to the customers that it will not use or import any personal files or information.

As this app is now available in Google play store or Apple app store again you can download it on your phone. If there was any issue, play store never allowed them to list them again.  

How to download ringtone and wallpaper from Zedge app?

Follow this below steps:

  1. Download the app

    Now this app is available both in play store and app store. Just search and download it.
    Zedge App

  2. Installation

    After installing Search for any item you want to download. You will find both free and paid itemsSearch image

  3. Download the file

    You will find a download option in the below bar. Just click and download.
    Download item


This article has provided you all the possible information about the Zedge app. Whether you want to install the app or not that is absolutely up to you. It is important to note that the app is now available on the google play store and other relevant platforms. If you wish to download the app and enjoy free wallpapers, themes, and ringtones, try to download it from the official sites.

What is Zedge?

Zedge is a popular app for wallpaper & ringtone download.

Is Zedge safe to use?

Yes. Once it was removed from the Play Store and App Store for some bugs in the application. But, it is now safe to install.

Where to download Zedge app?

It is now available on Play store and App store of Android and iPhone respectively.

Is it free to download ringtone and wallpaper from Zedge app?

Some of them are free and the rests are paid.


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