In today’s age, you don’t have to be an expert coder to learn enough coding to launch an amazing app.

While it can be very stressful to find the answer to how hard is it to create an app, the reality is launching an app doesn’t take someone with many years of mastery.

It can be a benefit to lack experience in that you may better understand the end user than a seasoned coder.

All and all, you can maintain your sanity in the app-building process with a few key tips.

Read on to learn the best things to think about in application design, and why outsourcing may not be the best option.

How Hard Is It to Create An App? Five Key Tips

There is a common myth that normal people can’t learn to code, and that is far from the truth.

Try not to be intimidated by the logistics of app design, and check out these five tips for making your dream a reality.

1. Consider Scalability

In thinking about how hard is it to create an app, it is important to determine the long-term plan for.

While the application may begin as a small, niche market, it is important to ensure that it is prepared to scale up at any time.

Keep track of every idea and notion, and make plans for the future of the app. Question how it will continue to make money once the market is saturated, and ensure that it will be fairly easy to make changes and additions to it later on.

Moreover, if it is a game, think about how you might be able to create a sequel for it and set it up in a way that makes that almost effortless.

2. Focus On  UX

UX, also known as User-Experience, is vital to even the simplest apps. Solicit as much feedback as you can bear from friends, family, and others. 

Improve the app based on what they think, as this can preemptively prevent common problems that the end user will complain able, and ultimately stop bad reviews.

3. Don’t Rush It

A great app takes time, and while it’s tempting to get it to the store as quickly as possible, resist this temptation.

Again, testing it for potential errors and difficulties should be done carefully and thoughtfully, as it is better to have a remarkable app for the users than one that feels thrown together and careless.

4. Research Thoroughly

In launching an app, you should research every aspect of its design. Figure out was has worked, what hasn’t, and how you could improve it.

Moreover, determine who would be your competition, and how you could make a better design.

Furthermore, in figuring out the final price of the app, it is worthwhile to decide on the ultimate business strategy and plans for it.

Who will be the target market? Will the application make money from the volume of users, or in another way?

Try to get creative with issues that could come up, and decide on the best route to take from there.

5. Weigh the Risk of Outsourcing

Perhaps the biggest question involving app-building is whether or not the coding should be outsourced.

Ultimately, while this depends on the complexities of the app, it is better to design it yourself whenever you can. Teaching yourself coding may not sound appealing, but it is more sustainable in the long run for updates to the software, as well as for future directions of the app.

If you outsource it, there are countless issues that can come up with finding the same coder again, and the cost burden can make it not worthwhile, and an app maker online can even streamline the process for you.

Design Your Own App

Creating a phone app can be a very profitable business, as though it requires quite a bit of initial effort, it can easily become a passive income source in the long run.

Moreover, learning to design it doesn’t have to be a difficult feat with the abundance of resources and tools available to first-time builders.

Ultimately the answer to how hard is it to create an app depends on your willingness to put in the work to reap the benefits. 

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