Some of the apps are exclusive to the apk store. This app is completely free to install and easily available on the internet. 9apps offer curated lists of apps and games, which is organized based on vivid categories and segments according to different utility services. Most of the apps on this platform are free of cost.

You can find all the most trending apps and games on this app store like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, the clash of clan, candy crush etc. Besides apps and games also have a different section offering the most trending wallpapers, ringtones, etc.

The is a project of the Alibaba Group of Companies and a sub-product of the UCweb. It is a platform where users can explore a fresh and wide range of accessibility apps from budding developers who showcase their product on this platform.

Some Facts About This Application:

  • It is a third party App distribution and games store for the users.
  • This app was launched back in 2013 and has been a leading App store since then, rubbing shoulders with the giants such as the Google Play store.
  • Since its launch back in 2013 the usage of this platform has continually grown amongst the users.
  • It has a super massive user base of over 97 million, given its easy accessibility and user interface.
  • The developers are making a constant effort to keep the app simple and user-friendly.
  • The APK platform is regularly updated and new apps and games are being added constantly.
  • The APK address and issues and technical glitch as soon as any error reports or bugs are found and is updated within the short period of time.
  • This app pays special attention to the user interface and makes sure the user is at an easy to use the app.
  • It is a product of Alibaba Inc. and being a product of them it is the safe and heavily trusted app store.
  • It has apps only from trusted developers and all the apps from across all the platforms
  • All the apps on these are verified and users have no issues of security or theft.
  • This apk store has successfully been operational in more than 10 emerging countries, such as India, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.
  • This app is a product of the Alibaba Inc. Which also has other applications such as the Vidmate, UC browser?

It has a lot of benefits for the users. It has almost all the apps on its platform for free, who doesn’t like free apps. Users can find apps according to their utility, these apps may not be available in the normal Play store. 9app also works on multiple platforms such as the Android phones, iPhones, Nokia and also for the windows on pc.

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Once the app is installed on your device it can download apps, ringtones, wallpapers, games, applications, videos, and much more amazing content from this versatile platform.

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