The applications to learn to program are many and for all ages, even for children. Sometimes it’s disconcerting to see our children so comfortable with a Tablet, a smartphone or even a computer. They handle these devices perfectly from an early age, leaving us many times astonished with the ease and naturalness with which they handle this type of device. Students are now even skilled at finding help online such as when they need quality essays.

However, it is important that our children are not simply consumers of technology. It is essential that they understand them to become actors and not only consumers. And there is no better way to understand technology than to learn the basic principles of code and programming.

Here are 8 applications for children to learn programming, applications that have been selected for their educational value, not forgetting the playful side.

The age classification is for each child to find the application that suits him best:

Since 4 years: Logic of Turtle 2 or Code Karts are good introductory programming applications.

At age 6, children can switch to Scratch Jr. to learn to code or Kodable

Around 8-9, applications are diversified but also become more interesting: Tinkerblocks is the easy and fun code for everyone; Hopscoth a site to learn how to program.

Code Karts, pre-programming in Early Childhood Education

Code Karts is a fantastic application for all enthusiasts of small cars or for children who need a procedure to understand the path of programming. The introduction to the logical reasoning of Code Karts was designed by the Edoki Academy to present the 4-year-old children the code, by means of or through a small racing car and a circuit.

Logic of turtle 2, to make its first programming

With Turtle Logic 2, children will improve their logic skills while playing: with a turtle, a path made up of squares, direction maps and an arrival. The goal of the application is to take our turtle from its position to the end. But in this second exit, things get difficult. You have to deal with ant thieves, the turtles must learn to jump … with more than 100 levels, the children will have a real challenge, with levels of progressive difficulty.

Scratch Jr, learn to code from 5 years – free application

Scratch Jr is the reference for learning to code at home or at school for the little ones. Scratch Jr is a simplified version of Scratch, a platform for learning the basic principles of programming from the age of 8. Scratch translates the basic programming commands into graphic blocks. You can create animations.


Kodable is a great application to learn to program from 6 years. The application is in English, but programming does not really require any notion of language.

Tinkerblocks, the easy and fun code for all

Today learning to code is a game for children. Playing with applications is fun, but learning to understand what happens behind is even more. Tinkerblocks is a good application to start programming. Aimed at children of 8 years, helps understand the operation of the code.


Scratch Jr .:

invent, program, share

If your child is curious and likes to imagine and create, Scratch is for him. Scratch is software that allows you to create simple or complex programs. For the little ones, you can try Scratch Jr., since Scratch is the most complex version of the program.


Hopscotch is one of the most used programming applications in the school to learn to program. The application is in English, therefore, it is necessary to accompany the children to master the basic actions. It is an application present in the selection of the best CM2 applications in 2016.

Tynker, for 9 years

Tynker is an application dedicated to children aged 9 and up. Through the use of riddles, introduce the notion of programming and learn to easily create a game. Once installed, it can run off-line.
The above applications are very useful for teaching children about programming languages early on. Hopefully this article can provide inspiration.


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